Longtime Minocqua Public Library director Mary Taylor has given notice of her intent to retire, giving the Board of Trustees time to seek a qualified candidate before she leaves the bookshelves. 

New director to be sought

Taylor has served as director since 2004. 

“I am leaving,” confirmed Taylor at the Monday evening board meeting. “You’ll want to think about posting the job … this is a process.” 

Taylor is updating a job description, which the board will review before advertising at online job sites, social media and in local newspapers.

The entire board is expected to conduct the interviews, which could take place in person and/or over the phone. 

Other area libraries have experienced difficulty in replacing retiring directors, it was noted. 

The job is expected to be posted later this month with a late October application deadline.  

The salary is expected to be larger than that of Taylor’s current pay rate. 

2019 budget 

Board of Trustees president Hank Roessel noted the biggest change in the upcoming budget is a proposal to add two hours to the library being open Saturday, which will require an increase in staff hours and therefore salary. The library would be open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. 

Some additional changes, said Taylor, would be reallocating funds from the audio visual (AV) area to the periodical/newspaper/magazine fund. Cost of AV materials has decreased while print has gone up, Taylor explained. 

Some funds would go towards training as well, the director said. 

“Everything else is pretty much the same,” she said. The book budget and maintenance will remain the same as 2018. 

The estimated increase would be slightly less than 4 percent, it was indicated. 

In other business, the board of trustees:

• Heard a security camera proposal. The cameras would go up in several areas where there currently is not surveillance, explained Roessel, including in the children’s area. Estimated cost would be around $6,000 with the option to add more cameras around the library as well as for the town of Minocqua to purchase in on the same system. 

The cameras would be available to watch at the library or remotely and record one to two months of footage.

“Our primary thought is if something occurs in the children’s area, there would be a panic alarm on the door if anybody goes out or a child goes out on their own,” Roessel said. Those doors currently do not have an alarm. 

• Read the Wisconsin Valley Library Service report, which included the preliminary budget. Employees’ health care plans were not expected to have a premium increase. 

• Approved a furniture purchase of up to $3,600 for tables and chairs. 

• Approved a paid time off adjustment for two paid days off for an employee not quite at her one-year start date for her wedding. 

The board of trustees will next meet to present the budget to the town of Minocqua on Oct. 15.