Firefighters with the Arbor Vitae Fire Department responded to a 911 call on Aug. 14 of an SUV submerged in Arbor Vitae’s Towanda Lake near its boat landing. According to a narrative from Vilas County Sheriff’s deputy Ty Peterson, when he arrived at the scene, he met the person who made the 911 call, John Shipley of Arbor Vitae, who also was the driver of the SUV. Peterson stated in his narrative the vehicle was indeed submerged. Shipley told Peterson he attempted to back the vehicle with trailer into the water to launch his fishing boat. Shipley told Peterson his brakes “must have been wet and that the vehicle began to roll into the lake” and he was unable to stop it. Shipley and his dog managed to escape the vehicle before it went under. Members of the Arbor Vitae Fire and Rescue squad placed booming material around the SUV to contain any chemicals that may have spilled. The vehicle was recovered a short time later.