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Lakeland Times, Minocqua, Wisconsin
Friday, February 8, 2019 7:30 AM
I write this letter today to address some concerns I have with information that could be construed as “misleading” or information that is missing from an article in the Tuesday, Jan. 29 issue of The Lakeland Times, pertaining to the updated SPS 330 rule that governs firefighter safety in the State of Wisconsin.
  • As Oneida County seeks ways to raise revenue to fund pay increases for staff (and presumably other purposes), mark me down as favoring responsible tax increases.
  • In the rejection of Gov. Evers’ proposal to raise the gas tax, the Republican dominated committee chose instead to pass all the costs on to the citizens of Wisconsin by increasing fees for registrations and titles, taking tax dollars from the general fund and borrowing.
  • Editor’s note: The following letters are written by seventh grade students at Arbor Vitae-Woodruff School. The students recently completed their spring Passion Projects, where they were asked to research a local, state, national or world issue they were interested in and passionate about, and one of their requirements was to write a formal letter to raise awareness or initiate change on the topic they had chosen.
  • I would like to take this opportunity to publically thank Vilas County Sheriff’s Department who was instrumental in returning my lost dog.
  • You know, I’m writing this on Memorial Day and it really makes me sick to my stomach to listen to our draft-dodging President talk about honor, duty and service to our country when he never had the balls to serve our country in any capacity except to take advantage of it to enrich himself financially!
  • Just thought we’d like to share with you our wonderful experience.
  • The haunting call of the common loon is one of the best loved sounds of the lakes of northern Wisconsin and Minnesota. Of the five species of loons, the common loon is the one we have nest here. Loons return early from wintering areas along the coastal U.S., as soon as the ice is out on traditionally used lakes. Loons can live 20 years, and it was always thought that a pair mated for life, however if one of the pair does not return or is displaced by another loon, life goes on. Loons can breed and nest on the same lake, for many years. However, competition for a good nesting site can be intense, and even deadly, so change does occur.
  • Although I’m a year round resident, last week was the first time that I had the pleasure of taking my older dog and puppy to the local dog park which they enjoyed immensely.
  • On Aug. 20, 2018, a 15-year-old Swedish girl, Greta Thunberg, skipped school. She felt compelled to make a difference about the issue that would determine her future: the climate crisis. The adults sure weren’t doing enough. So she sat alone outside the Swedish Parliament with a sign saying “School Strike for Climate.”
  • Here comes Cheryl Tertinger yet again with her speculative, fear-mongering diatribe about disastrous global warming, e.g.: “… expected influx of thousands of south Floridians who will be moving north as rising sea levels inundate southern Florida and its fresh water supplies are destroyed by saltwater intrusion.” “Coal burning plants aren’t as efficient and are more expensive to run” (as solar arrays and wind turbines). “While the introduction of the Green New Deal has placed the need to address climate change in the public discourse …” (The Times, May 12, 2019)

    I looked at the trailer to the “Paris to Pittsburgh” video that Ms. Tertinger referenced in her letter to the editor. It’s the same Chicken Little unsubstantiated nonsense as in Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth” with all their erratic, false predictions of catastrophes. 
  • In response to the writer in Letters to the Editor on May 4, 2019 Lakeland Times, “Accept the Atheists.” 
  • I was gifted with wonderful son who was born with Down Syndrome. He has passed hunter’s safety with me, but has made a choice not to use firearms. 
  • I was happy to see that the author of letter to the editor titled “Accept the Atheist” didn’t ramble on like he usually does about his intolerance for President Trump while he longs for the days of the malaise of Jimmy Carter, and the daze of Barack Obama. With the 2020 campaign already beginning I would think there would be more important things to look for in a candidate than choosing between those who believe they were created in the image of a heavenly deity and those who believe they have baboons in their family tree.
  • There is a dying breed of men in this country. With the rise in questionable morals, political corruption, political correctness and the feminization of men, this will be the end of that man. This breed of men is called a Man’s Man. There are many other gender noted combinations, man’s woman, woman’s woman, or woman’s man and others. But nothing else represents or defines a Man’s Man.
  • This last Saturday was not what you would call a banner weather day in the Northwoods. As I drove down Highway K towards Boulder Junction early that morning, the outside temperature read 38 degrees. There was a blustery, gusty wind and steady rain that varied from “semi-freezing drizzle” to “Biblical deluge.” 
  • As parents and physicians, we were alarmed and dismayed by Kimberly Drake’s commentary in the March 8, 2019, Lakeland Times. The headline of her story was “Vaccines and Autism — A Firestorm of Debate.” The article contains a great deal of misleading information that might lead some parents to hesitate before vaccinating their children. 
  • I am writing to invited everyone to visit the Minocqua Public Library Wednesday, May 22. The library and Fiber Friends are hosting an open house in the Community Room from 1 to 4 p.m. 
  • Oneida County Treasurer’s office, in conjunction with the Wisconsin County Treasurers’ Association, and supported by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue, is declaring the week of May 13 through May 17, 2019, as Lottery and Gaming Credit Awareness Week.    
  • A recent opinion piece in the Washington Post caught my attention. The article, “It’s Time for Us to Have an Unapologetic Atheist in the Oval Office,” written by conservative Max Boot, laments the reality that atheists are effectively precluded from participation in the American political system. Atheism may well be the final frontier of political exclusion.
  • I recently had the opportunity to view a National Geographic video, “Paris To Pittsburgh.” Although the concern throughout the world has been focused on climate change and why aren’t we doing anything about it, this documentary actually gives multiple examples of what cities and states across the country are implementing to do their part to meet the goals of the Paris accord. 
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