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Lakeland Times, Minocqua, Wisconsin
Friday, February 8, 2019 7:30 AM
I write this letter today to address some concerns I have with information that could be construed as “misleading” or information that is missing from an article in the Tuesday, Jan. 29 issue of The Lakeland Times, pertaining to the updated SPS 330 rule that governs firefighter safety in the State of Wisconsin.
  • Open letter to Minocqua Board Chairman and Board of Supervisors, Minocqua Citizens:

    Hello, my name is Sue. On the morning of Jan. 22, 2019, our family’s lives changed forever because of a tragic snowmobile accident, killing my grandson Trey, son of my daughter Kay. My grief was great, taking many months to accept his passing and not thinking of him every day. 
  • I recently attended a county board of adjustment meeting, where the board unanimously upheld the county supervisors’ prior approval of an industrial gravel pit expansion in downtown Hazelhurst.  It was obvious that the board members had made up their minds before the meeting. Indeed, although the agenda provided for “public comment,” the board decided that too many of us showed up prepared to speak. So the members decided that only five attendees would speak and they initially limited each speaker to one minute.  
  • After years of shouting from the rooftops that President Trump was a traitor, who colluded with Russia, and then being proven liars, you might think Democrats would abandon the sleazy politics of personal destruction. But no, almost unbelievably, they have decided to double down by race baiting.
  • What do the Democratic candidates have in common? They hate Trump! Or at least that is what they say, because it is a leftist thing to do. And because they are frustrated by the good things Trump has done for America and Americans. Things that their previous hero in office never dreamed of. They love to throw around the “racist” word at every opportunity. 
  • I just wanted to congratulate our illustrious President and Mitch McConnell for their part in the latest round of mass shootings in Texas and Ohio. Thanks for much for your inaction in the Senate and your total lack of compassion for the victims as evidenced by Trump’s hollow, vapid, and phony response to the shootings in El Paso and Dayton.
  • Although more than a few readers will disagree, I believe Donald Trump is a loathsome human being and a disaster as President. It is my opinion that he has a long history of unethical, even criminal, behavior, including during his time in office. I am all in on his removal from office at the earliest possible moment. What I no longer support is the impeachment process to accomplish that fact.
  • Indian Mounds is sacred, that it is. It is a beautiful, flat, sandy and shallow natural beach since the beginning of time, as noted by the Effigy Mound culture left behind by the Palio Indians, 650-1200CE. You can look this up on your computer, I think Nola Reed looked it up for me at the Woodruff DNR office in 1980, something you can get the whole history of these great people.  I learned how to swim there. I noticed the last few summers that the department was not keeping up with cleaning up large pine falls and general cleaning, but had put in some new grills. This summer my family and?I went to have a swim and some lunch — no grills and no picnic tables, hmm. Huge rocks had been placed across the road to swim area, and it looks awful. There had once been two roads in, but DNR blocked that off years ago. I went to contact station on Clear Campground where I was informed that the DNR?was closing the beach area and ripping up all of the black top and was going to be all boat landing.
  • Thank you to all who attended the ground breaking event of the multi-million dollar new retail center in Lac du Flambeau.
  • This political view of the League of Women Voters is outrageous, uncivic, un-American. It is a direct insult to all those who have died in service to our nation. The League is politicking against the principle of the Rule of Law. Moreover, we can’t afford to pay for illegal immigrants. Yes, illegal, as in against the law. 
  • On Aug. 7 at 1 p.m., the Oneida County Board of Adjustment (BOA) will hold a Public Hearing in Rhinelander pursuant to Appeal No. 19-001. This matter involves the rezoning of a forested land parcel in the Town of Hazelhurst and the approval of a Conditional Use Permit allowing the expansion of a gravel pit operation on the parcel.  Members of the BOA will travel to, and inspect the site, sometime after 10 a.m. on Aug. 7, and this inspection is open to the public. That’s all well and good, but I have a niggling concern about the chairman of the BOA, Harland Lee: Exactly how impartial will he be as he presides over this hearing?
  • I was saddened to read the article “Pukall Lumber cited by OSHA” in the July 30 Lakeland Times. It is very sad and unfortunate that Mr. Drinkman lost his life. But if OSHA was proactive instead of reactive it could have been very different. 
  • The town board of the Town of Plum Lake is not doing its job and is failing in its fiduciary responsibility to the town residents.
  • It’s that time of year again! Budget time when the Oneida County Humane Society (OCHS) asks for dollars from the City of Rhinelander and Oneida County in exchange for animal control services. 
  • Instead of compromising with our president to improve legislation and policy for the betterment of our nation, congressional Democrats are wasting time on the baseless witch hunt to impeach President Trump. While we could be working together to address the rising cost of health care, creating an investment plan for America’s crumbling infrastructure, or fixing our broken immigration system, Democrats chose to waste $35 million taxpayer dollars, interviewed over 500 witnesses, and issued 3,000 subpoenas in an attempt to prove Russia assisted in electing President Trump.
  • Rep. Duffy says “No mining in designated areas of the Grand Canyon National Park, in an email to me on July 15. Does that mean parking lots and designated trails do not get mined but everything else does?

  • In early summer, the WI DNR released a minimum overwinter count of wolves in Wisconsin. The wolf count was determined to be 914 – 978, and can be found by typing “wolf” into the subject line on the DNR home page and clicking on “2018-2019 wolf count brief” on the wolf page.
  • For almost 100 years now, the League of Women Voters has been an activist, grassroots organization defending democracy. The League is proud to be nonpartisan, neither supporting nor opposing candidates or political parties at any level of government, but always working on vital issues of concern to members and the public. 
  • I’d like to know how the shirt shop on the southwest corner of Oneida and Chicago streets got approval to add a third story steeple to the building
  • The second installment of the 2018 Oneida and Vilas County property tax bills is due by July 31, 2019. Due to limited parking and long waiting lines, mailing tax payments is recommended for both counties.  
  • July is National Independent Retailer Month. 

    The impact of independent retailers is far more than offering quality grocery, bakery, meat, produce, priced right.
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