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Dr. Andrew Wakefield: Exclusive interview on American Investigator

Dr. Andrew Wakefield will be interviewed Tuesday, April 17, as a guest on Richard Moore's American Investigator podcast.

Autism numbers likely far higher than one in 88

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Richard Moore on the American Investigator and for The Lakeland Times, internationally renowned and controversial autism researcher Dr. Andrew Wakefield says recently announced numbers on the prevalence of autism - which showed a two-year spike from one in 110 children diagnosed with ASD to one in 88 - are likely understated and by a dramatic order.

Hear the entire interview on the American Investigator podcast at www.rmmoore1.com at 8:30 a.m., tomorrow, Tuesday, April 17. The entire podcast will be devoted to the issue of autism.

In addition, the interview will appear in Friday's edition of The Lakeland Times (www.lakelandtimes.com).

"The CDC data (that children born in 2000 have a one in 88 risk of autism) is actually out of date," Wakefield said. "If you extrapolate that risk of developing autism to a child born today, you may be looking at something as high as 1 in 25 or 1 in 29. That's an absolutely staggering level."

Wakefield was referring to the fact that the new CDC numbers were based on 2008 data of eight-year-olds diagnosed with autism. Thus the numbers reflect the risk of autism for children born in 2000; because the numbers have continuously escalated, children born in 2012 are likely at much higher risk.

In the interview, Wakefield reiterated his belief that the autism epidemic is environmental, and vaccines are a prime culprit.

"You do not have a genetic epidemic," he said. "The cause is environmental. Yes, the cause is complex, too, but the way you unravel a complex mystery is to listen to the parents' narrative. What actually happened to the child? This is where medicine begins. This is where the clues come from. And when we were working on this back in (England in) 1995, the parents told the story that their normally developing children regressed after a vaccine."

Wakefield also offered concerned parents some important advice.

"Challenge your doctors," Wakefield said. "Don't just say it's OK because my doctor says so. Say, 'OK, could you tell me the science upon which you base your opinion that the current vaccine schedule is entirely safe?'"

Finally, Wakefield discusses the loss of his medical license in England because of his groundbreaking 1998 paper that found bowel disease in children with autism and raised concerns about the safety of the MMR vaccine. His co-author has now been exonerated and his medical license returned; Wakefield left Britain for the U.S. but is now suing the pharmaceutical-connected British Medical Journal for libel.

After the interview, Moore debunks current studies by the "scientific establishment" - all of them funded by pharmaceutical companies - and points to new studies confirming an environmental link. He will offer those concerned about the epidemic a wide variety of Web resources to consult. Those links will be posted on the website.


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