To the Editor:
I am a Boulder Junction property owner, part time resident and occasional volunteer for the community. I had the honor of serving on the original board of the BJ Community Foundation and the building committee for the Community Center. 
Today I read an ad that appeared in The Lakeland Times, sponsored by The Boulder Junction Business Alliance. I was not aware that the group existed until I saw this ad. It almost appeared as though it was taking the place of the BJ Chamber of Commerce. Its stated goals appear to be what the Chamber has already been doing a great job of. It also seemed to overlook the many enormous accomplishments that the town has experienced in the recent past. Things like the new community center and library, the great bike trail, all the newly paved roads, the progress towards high speed broadband internet, etc. 
While elections are an opportunity for people to vote their beliefs, they should consider the candidates past accomplishments, their qualifications, and what their goals for the future of Boulder Junction are. We are fortunate to have a Chamber of Commerce that works diligently to promote our town, and people in public office now that have shown leadership ability and have respected the votes of the public. 
In the words of an old curmudgeon, “Don’t try to fix what aint broke.” 

Gene Klisnick
Boulder Junction