A 26-year-old Woodruff man pled guilty to two of 10 counts of possession of child pornography in Oneida County Circuit Court April 27, and will learn his sentence June 24.
Once Alexander J. Beda is sentenced by judge Micheal Bloom, he still has seven class C felony charges of sexual exploitation of a child awaiting him in Waukesha County. Beda has yet to make an initial appearance in that case since it was filed Nov. 23, 2020. He has been in the Oneida County Jail since Nov. 20, 2020 when he made his initial appearance before Bloom.
During the April 27 court appearance, Beda’s attorney Brian Bennett and assistant district attorney Jillian Pfeifer outlined the joint resolution of the case they had agreed to. In exchange for a guilty or no contest plea to the first two counts, Pfeifer would dismiss the other eight. Both sides would jointly request a pre-sentence investigation (PSI), with Pfeifer being bound to argue for no higher sentence than the resulting recommendation, while Bennett could argue for less.
Bloom accepted Pfeifer’s motions to dismiss the other counts and Beda entered two no contest pleas. A PSI was ordered and a sentencing hearing was scheduled for June 24.   
Each count carries a maximum term of imprisonment of 25 years, with a mandatory minimum of three years.
According to the criminal complaint filed in the Oneida County case, the Center For Missing and Exploited Children alerted law enforcement a cellphone later connected to Beda accessed the internet to upload suspected child porn. When Oneida and Vilas sheriff’s deputies confronted him about the allegations, he denied them at first, but then later admitted he had 10 images of what he knew to be child pornography on his cellphone.
Ten images of suspected child pornography were later recovered from the phone, according to the complaint.
The Waukesha County case arose when Beda told Oneida County and Wisconsin Department of Justice investigators he had produced child pornography of a 7-year-old at a residence in Waukesha County. A forensic examination of Beda’s cellphone found nine images of the alleged victim. Metadata on the images told investigators the date, time and location where the images were taken at a residence in the town of Genesee in Waukesha County.
Each count of sexual exploitation of a child carries a maximum of up to 40 years in prison and a mandatory minimum of 5 years.
Attempts to determine from the Waukesha County District Attorney’s office when Beda will be making an initial appearance were not returned prior to deadline for this edition.