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Area couple faces child neglect charges after alleged water-submerge, burns

August 09, 2019 by Abigail Bostwick

Two local residents have been brought up against felony child neglect after an alleged near-drowning and burning incident earlier this summer. 

Charged in Oneida County Circuit Court are Daniel Willis, 28, Arbor Vitae, and Anna Maleeva, 27, Woodruff, both with felonies neglecting a child (specified harm did not occur/child under 6) and neglecting a child (consequence is bodily harm.” 

According to court reports from the Oneida County Sheriff’s Department and Woodruff Police Department, officers were called to the Carrol Lake Campground July 31 around 3 p.m. for a female on the beach “freaking out.” An ambulance also was sent. 

Maleeva was found sitting near the water’s edge appearing in “a daze.” Her boyfriend, Willis, was consulted. Between them, there were four of their children were present, ages 10 months, six, three and two, reports relay. 

Willis told police Maleeva had taken an over the counter “cough medicine for ankle pain.” Police were told Maleeva was biting herself earlier and had been laying by the water with the 10-month-old and two-year-old when she tipped over, submerging the baby and other child under the water. Maleeva was said to be “unresponsive.” 

The grandmother was nearby and told police she had a hard time getting the baby out from the water. A man also came to their aid, grabbing the two-year-old and Maleeva from the water. Willis reportedly then came running and was “…very confrontational” and pulled the children away them.” The man called 911, it was noted. 

That witness reported to responding officers the children had been crying for some before the incident, which corroborated the grandmother’s story.

While investigating, an officer noticed the two-year-old had “significant burns,” reportedly from falling into a campfire about one week before, according to Willis. The child had burns on its leg, arm, face and fingertips — none which had been treated or wrapped, court reports indicate. One wound was said to be infected and medical professionals were consulted for treatment. Willis told police he and Maleeva “… were taking care of it …” and had not taken the child in for medical attention at the time the burns occurred. 

Maleeva was shortly thereafter taken to the hospital.

Social services were contacted for temporary custody of the four children later that evening. 

Both will be seen in court later this month.

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