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Bayview Hotel CUP denied again

April 15, 2020 by Brian Jopek

The Minocqua town board, after roughly an hour long discussion Tuesday evening, once again denied a conditional use permit application from developer Glenn Schiffmann’s Bayview Hotel, LLC for a 9-unit, 23-bedroom hotel. 

It was the second denial of the CUP by the town board and follows a second denial by the Minocqua plan commission last week. 

Before that denial, the Oneida County Planning and Development Committee failed to reach a decision following a public hearing in early February and kicked it back to the town. 

Prior to that, the Minocqua plan commission denied it the first time on Jan. 28 and the town board denied it on Feb. 4. 

The latest denial was based on nine points the plan commission had established at its meeting last week and essentially one of the sticking points that’s been there from the beginning: parking. 

Minocqua town chairman Mark Hartzheim said Wednesday there are 

several areas that aren’t compliant and would require variances. 

“Being a new development, when you’re starting with a clean slate combining two lots, there shouldn’t be sub-standard or non-conforming aspects of the project,” he said. “It should just conform and meet specifications and requirements. There’s several things, most of them that have to do with parking, that aren’t compliant yet.”

The development is planned on a roughly half acre of land where the 10 room Bayview Inn and a laundromat once stood.

They were demolished in 2018. 

Hartzheim said one of the concerns is at full capacity, there could be 78 people in the hotel at one time. 

“The amount of parking and the ability to navigate through the parking is still a major concern,” he said. “It’s potentially a safety concern with trailers being forced to back out onto (U.S.) Highway 51 and so on.”

Where it goes from this point, Hartzheim wasn’t sure, saying he thought maybe Jim Rein with Wilderness Surveying, who’s represented Schiffmann at all the meetings to this point, would “regroup,” come up with some ideas and consult with county zoning staff. 

“There’s no public hearings scheduled yet at the county yet,” he said. “The county zoning staff will stay in touch with us and let us know where they think this is going next and if there is a public hearing date. It seems the concerns we had how ever many meetings ago are still there. It kind of feels like we’re in a circular pattern with this right now.”

Hartzheim said things were being done to look at the issue “from every angle” but not much has been achieved and the ball is, basically, in Rein’s and Schiffmann’s court as far as if and how they want to proceed. 

The vote to deny the CUP was 4-0. Town supervisor Bill Stengl, also a member of the plan commission, was absent. 

Hartzheim said if there is a public hearing on the CUP in the future, the town board would like to see that take place in Minocqua. 

“So local people who have concerns and input can be present if they choose to be,” he said. “Potentially, maybe a joint meeting of the town board and the county zoning committee. But at least have that public hearing here if nothing else.”

Brian Jopek may be reached via email at [email protected]

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