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Book Review: ‘Lock Every Door’

January 17, 2020 by Kayla Houp

There are only a handful of rules Jules Larsen has to follow in her new role as an apartment sitter in one of Manhattan’s most illustrious and mysterious buildings, the Bartholomew.

One, no visitors.

Two, nights spent away from the apartment.

Three, no bothering the other residents, most of whom are rich and famous.

The payment? $12,000 for three months.

Despite all the red flags surrounding the position, the rules seem simple enough and heartbroken and desperate Jules jumps at the opportunity to leave her past behind her and put her life back together.

As Jules gets to know the staff and residents at the Bartholomew, she grows close with another apartment sitter, Ingrid. When Ingrid confides in Jules that something about the building unsettles her, and that there’s more than meets the eye, Jules brushes it off as just one of the many rumors about the place.

That is, until Ingrid goes missing.

Caught in the mystery of what happened to her friend and the odd things she’s heard about her new home, Jules searches for the truth hidden in the building’s past before it’s too late and dives deeper and deeper into a secret that’s desperate to be kept under wraps.

As Jules investigates Ingrid’s mysterious disappearance and the odd way in which no one else seems as concerned as she is, she learns Ingrid may not have been the only apartment sitter to have gone missing in the Bartholomew’s history.

Now, Jules must solve the mystery, unmask the secrets kept hidden for decades, and escape danger before it’s too late.

Riley Sager crafts a brilliant mystery and thriller in “Lock Every Door” that keeps the reader guessing at every page turn. 

First published in 2019, “Lock Every Door” is Sager’s third novel.

Kayla Houp may be reached via email at [email protected].


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