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Car chase, battery leads to multiple charges for several in Lake Tomahawk

‘I have a brother that killed someone’

April 17, 2020 by Abigail Bostwick

A hang-up phone call that led police to an abandoned vehicle in rural Lake Tomahawk has resulted in a variety of battery and intimidation of witness charges against at least five area people. 

March 16 shortly before midnight, the Oneida County Sheriff’s dispatch office received a call asking, “Can you help me?” but not identifying a location or problem before hanging up, according to court documents. Multiple deputies as well as a Woodruff police officer responded to the area where the cell call pinged, near State Highway 47 and Lyannis Road. 

Law enforcement first came upon an abandoned Chrysler car with a hot engine, markings along the sides and back as though “someone was trying to get in the vehicle or someone was beating on the side of the vehicle” and a broken windshield. Officers observed “many” footprints around the car, reports indicate. 

Shortly thereafter, a truck was seen driving down the road away from the abandoned Chrysler. That truck — a Nissan — pulled into a driveway. After a check of the Nissan’s Wisconsin plate, law enforcement realized the truck was not associated with the unoccupied seasonal property it was sitting at. Officers approached the Nissan, noting “multiple” people inside of it, court record reads. 

Gwendolyn Ann Theobald Allen, 20, Lac du Flambeau, was at the driver’s seat. Also identified inside were Katie Armstrong, 20, Lac du Flambeau; Jon Crum Lussier, 20, Rhinelander; and Jalen Lussier, 25, Rhinelander, among “others.” When asked by police, no one in the car would give logical explanation of why they were parked in the driveway or what was going on with the abandoned Chrysler. 

Eventually, Theobald Allen admitted Armstrong, Crum Lussier and Lussier were in the car with her when they first made contact with the “individuals in the abandoned Chrysler,” police reports relay. 

Officers located the Chrysler driver and spoke with citizen witnesses who observed events leading up to the scene. Those reports stated both the Chrysler and Nissan were seen driving near County Road K and State Highway 47 when the Nissan allegedly began “chasing” the Chrysler and flashing its lights at it. The Nissan then pulled in front of the Chrysler and swerved, causing the Chrysler driver to slam on their breaks so hard they were injured hitting the steering wheel and disabling the vehicle, which came to a stop, reports add. 

One of the five riders was seen fleeing into the woods while Armstrong, Theobald Allen, Lussier and Crum Lussier reportedly left the Nissan and “… began screaming at the passengers in the Chrysler” and began “… pulling at the doors to get the passengers of the Chrysler out of the car.” One of the men is said to have gotten on top of the car and jumped on it. Something also hit the window of the car, smashing it, court reports note. 

One 14-year-old juvenile in the Chrysler was allegedly pushed to the ground by Theobald Allen after trying to leave the car. Another passenger from the Chrysler ran into the woods while the other Chrysler occupants were put into the Nissan by Jon Crum Lussier and Jalen Lussier, the report states.

Once inside, the Lussiers reportedly told the passengers they would “beat the shit out of them” if they told anyone what happened and also they had “a brother that had killed someone,” court records observe. 

Old and new charges

Armstrong, Theobald Allen, Crum Lussier and Lussier were arrested. Several already had open cases against them. 

Also taken into custody was Jameson Thoms, 18, Lac du Flambeau, who was escorted from the Nissan to a squad while officers were investigating. He initially used a false name, but was identified from prior booking photos. At one point, he slipped his handcuffs to the front of his body to remove wrapped up green, leafy substance from his shoe.

Jalen Lussier was on extended supervision for robbery/use of force after serving a prison sentence and being released on extended supervision last September. His preliminary breath test was .09. New charges against him include felony harboring/aiding a felon and intimidate victim/use or attempt force and misdemeanors disorderly conduct and criminal damage to property as party to a crime. He also has open citations for possession of THC and trespass to land in Oneida County. Lussier is in jail on a $5,000 cash bond. 

Crum Lussier had a preliminary test of.077. He is charged with felonies intimidation of a victim/use or attempt force and harboring/aiding a felon. He further faces citations for trespass to land, underage possession and cause a disturbance/disorderly conduct. A signature bond of $5,000 has been set for Crum Lussier. 

Armstrong tested .115 on a preliminary breath test. She had an open misdemeanor case in Oneida County. Armstrong is up against charges of felony first degree recklessly endangering safety as party to a crime, disorderly conduct and misdemeanor bail jumping. She also has citations filed for trespassing and underage possession. Armstrong is free on a $5,000 signature bond. 

Thoms was had a preliminary breath test of .05. He is charged with misdemeanor possession of THC and resisting/obstructing an officer. Thoms also has citations filed against him for underage possession and resisting an officer. Thoms refused to sign a $1,500 signature bond. 

Theobald Allen had an open Vilas County case for felony child abuse. She faces felony charges of intimidate victim/use or attempt force, battery and bail jumping and misdemeanors bail jumping, criminal damage to property and two counts disorderly conduct. She also has traffic violations of reckless driving/endangering safety and not wearing a seatbelt and citations for underage possession and underage drinking filed against her. On the new charges, she has a $1,000 cash bond. 

All have adjourned initial appearances coming up this month and into April. Further, none may contact the victims.  

Abigail Bostwick may be reached at [email protected]

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