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Case against man accused of assaulting elderly patients unresolved

October 22, 2019 by Jamie Taylor

An 18-year-old Arbor Vitae man accused of sexually assaulting patients at a Minocqua residential facility where he was working as a nursing assistant will be back in court Dec. 10 to learn if he will stand trial.

Jacob H. Schlosser was charged last spring with three counts of second degree sexual assault in connection with alleged inappropriate touching of two patients he was caring for as part of his job as a Certified Nursing Assistant.

In the first case, filed in late March, Schlosser was charged with one count of second-degree sexual assault of a mentally ill victim and one count of second-degree sexual assault in a treatment facility for allegedly fondling an 80-year-old dementia patient during a bath.

According to court records, Schlosser allegedly told another person about touching the dementia patient and that individual reported the comment to police. 

When a Minocqua police detective and an Oneida County sheriff’s deputy interviewed Schlosser, he allegedly admitted to the acts described in the complaint related to the dementia patient. The MPD detective attempted to interview the alleged victim but was unable to get any useful information due to the person’s advanced Alzheimer’s disease.

Court records indicate police began an additional investigation March 22 after a nursing supervisor at the facility reported a 94-year-old resident had complained about inappropriate touching by Mr. Schlosser.

The resident reported that Schlosser had bathed him/her without using a washcloth, the bathing lasted much longer than when other CNAs provide the service and it included fondling.

At one point, the resident reported he/she said to Schlosser, “enough of that” and he stopped the fondling, the complaint states.

“Victim #2 was embarrassed and uncomfortable about Mr. Schlosser’s contact and therefore did not report it; when Victim #2 heard about Mr. Schlosser touching another patient, Victim #2 felt badly because if Victim #2 had reported earlier, Victim #1 would not have had to experience Mr. Schlosser’s assault,” the complaint states.

According to the complaint, investigators spoke with two other CNAs at the facility that had trained Mr. Schlosser. 

“Both Trainer #1 and Trainer #2 confirmed that when training Mr. Schlosser they instructed him to always use a washcloth rather than his hands when bathing patients; that there was absolutely no reason that a washcloth would not be used when bathing patients; and, that if he had not used a washcloth when bathing patients during his state certification test, he would not have passed the test,” the complaint states. 

Schlosser appeared before Oneida County circuit judge Patrick O’Melia on Oct. 15 for a pretrial conference. His attorney, Elizabeth Svehlek, told the judge that a plea agreement has not been reached but she’s optimistic the case can be resolved without a trial. She asked for one more pre-trial conference date so she could work out an agreement with district attorney Mike Schiek.

Schiek went along with the request, but noted that he does not want to see the case stretch out much longer.

“One of the victims has already died,” Schiek told O’Melia.

The judge agreed to the request but noted if the case is not ready to be resolved by Dec. 10, he will set a date for a jury trial at that time.

The defendant is free on $2,000 cash bail, however his CNA license has been suspended. 

If convicted, Schlosser could spend the rest of his life in prison.

Jamie Taylor may be reached via email at [email protected]

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