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Construction on Lac du Flambeau Public School additions progresses

July 09, 2019 by Kayla Houp

The Lac du Flambeau public school expansion project is progressing rather quickly and on schedule. 

That was the word last week from LdF district administrator Larry Ouimette at a meeting of the school board. 

The board approved a bid from Nasi Construction for the multi-million dollar expansion in February, with construction beginning in March of this year.

The expansion project includes six classrooms added to the school, with two being added to the middle school wing and four on the intermediate wing, as well as a fitness center being added on to the gym.

“They made some progress on some things today, too,” Ouimette said. “So they’re moving along pretty quickly.”

According to Ouimette, classrooms in the intermediate wing were already being painted, “getting ready to put the flooring in.”

Part of the construction project also included narrowing the roadway which crosses in front of the school and fitness center.

“If you noticed it, when you’re driving it up it starts angling off a little early so that those lanes are a little narrower,” Ouimette said. “And that was to allow for a little more green space and sidewalk in front of the fitness room area.”

Ouimette said the roadway had initially been three lanes, but was being narrowed down to two, and “you can get the busses through no problem.”

“So far, the sidewalk and the courtyard outside of the cafeteria, it’s really pretty large,” Ouimette said. “There’ll be room for picnic tables and those kinds of things.” 

Furthermore, Ouimette said the sidewalks would be extended to each of the additions as well as “out to the road” in that area.

Whiteboards and tables

The board also discussed procuring furniture for the outdoor courtyard, as well as interactive boards for the new classrooms.

“You should have in your board packet a quote for the interactive white boards for the six new classrooms that we’re putting in,” Ouimette said to the school board.

One of the things the school wanted to move toward, Ouimette said, was omitting the overhead projectors typically mounted to the ceiling and moving toward ones that went on the wall.

Ouimette said the recommended model would be a 75-inch model.

A motion was made to approve purchasing the 75-inch CleverTouch Plus Series interactive whiteboard, including the $139.62 for mounting for each.

As for outdoor furniture, the board approved adding 10 tables in total, with four hexagonal tables and six rectangular.

“I’m very flexible with this,” Ouimette said. “But what we’d like to do right away is just get some picnic tables to put out on that courtyard so we have them at the beginning of the school year.” 

Construction on the middle school and intermediate wing additions at Lac du Flambeau Public School  is projected to be completed prior to the start of the 2019-2020 school year, Ouimette said, with the fitness center being completed by late September.

“The classrooms, we wanted to make sure those were done before school because that affects the classes, and we already have classes assigned to those rooms, whereas the fitness room we can conduct our phy-ed and do those kinds of things without having to have them in there,” Ouimette said. 

Kayla Houp may be reached via email at [email protected]

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