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FORK receives $100,000 gift to Create Tomorrow’s Kids Endowment Fund

June 12, 2020

Feed Our Rural Kids Inc. (FORK) has received a $100,000 anonymous donation, designated by the donor family for the creation of an endowment fund so area children will receive nutritional support in the future.

“FORK is excited to announce the creation of the Tomorrow’s Kids Endowment Fund,” FORK President Perry Pokrandt said. “It was FORK’s desire to make an immediate difference in the lives of children from food-insecure homes that compelled us to create Feed Our Rural Kids in the first place. The opportunity to now be able to make a generational difference for the kids who will need help in the future is more than compelling, it is inspirational.”

A spokesperson for the donors of $100,000 to the Tomorrow’s Kids Endowment Fund said the donors felt there was a need to look past the very critical needs of children today and create an opportunity for this community to support the generations of children who will have similar needs into the future.

“Everything that this community is doing now nutritionally is to support children who need help today, and to great effect,” the spokesperson said. “Our benefactors simply asked, ‘What about tomorrow’s kids?’ They couldn’t get past the uncertainty around the question, ‘Who will be there for them?’”

The donors decided they were going to help answer that question.

“In discussing this potential expansion of the organizational vision with the FORK board of directors, we saw a commitment within the organization to create a legacy of hope for generations of kids to come. That is why our foundation has become the first to fund the Tomorrow’s Kids Endowment Fund,” said the foundation spokesperson. “This grant is about legacy, it is about sustainability for the organization and it is about tomorrow’s kids.”

Pokrandt said the job of FORK will be to continue its programs to support children who need food assistance today.

“It’s certainly no small task,” he said. “Nevertheless, the calling of this organization is more than that. If we live only for today, we risk the real opportunity that will put FORK in a position to be effective in helping kids tomorrow, the next day and the day after that. The beauty of the opportunity presented by the Tomorrow’s Kids Endowment Fund is that it stands as a promise to all children, not yet born, not yet challenged by life or not yet hungry. It says to them that a helping hand is just within their reach,” added Pokrandt.

The FORK board has created a Tomorrow’s Kids Endowment committee made up of individuals who are not voting members of the board. The chairman of the committee, Keith Kentala, will act as an advisor to the board and attend FORK board meetings.

It will be the responsibility of the endowment committee to manage these funds under the guidance of Heck Investments of Rhinelander, acting pro bono in their efforts to support this nonprofit endeavor. Their recommendations will be taken up by the committee, who will then advise the FORK board for implementation.

“As time goes on, the board hopes a legacy will be built for tomorrow’s youths,” the donors’ spokesperson. “Yet at the same time funds generated by the growth of the endowment will be utilized to support FORK programs today.”

“This endowment provides FORK an opportunity to create a sustainable future,” Kentala said. “That is a reality where future boards of directors can continue the mission that FORK was created for; but without the entire burden of the financial responsibility they inherent.”

FORK was created to provide nutritional support to school-aged children from food insecure homes within the Northland Pines School District.

The foundation spokesperson hopes the $100,000 donation will bring in even more funds for FORK.

“To be clear, this money belongs to FORK, but only within the rules of the endowment. It is not an emergency fund. But it is a safety net that guards against the challenge that is facing all our children in the future,” the foundation spokesperson said. “I might also add the family that I represent offers this gift as a challenge to other families with means to change the future of kids here in the North Woods. We invite all people who care about the ability of tomorrow’s kids to succeed to join in this effort,” said the spokesperson.

The endowment committee will welcome any and all inquiries, according to Pokrandt.

“Gifts of all types will be welcome as we work to build this legacy of generosity for tomorrow’s kids,” he said.

To make a donation to the Tomorrow’s Kids Endowment Fund, visit feedourruralkids.org and click the Tomorrow’s Kids link.

FORK is a registered 501(c)(3) and donations are now being accepted. Tax deductibility is now dictated under the more generous federal guidelines detailed in the CARES Act.

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