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From dance to gymnastics, Julie Neuberg beamed

June 30, 2020 by Brett LaBore

The Lakeland gymnastics team might not be a large team, but a team that has worked hard nonetheless. At the forefront of that was senior Julie Neuberg.

Neuberg got into gymnastics at an early age when she found a love for dancing. That correlated to her joining gymnastics as a youth.

“I did youth gymnastics in sixth, seventh and eighth grade,” she said. “I’ve been dancing since I’ve been four. I liked that kind of sport.”

With gymnastics and dance having some similarities, Neuberg grew to enjoy the sport.

“I guess when comparing them I liked the flexibility aspect, the prettiness of gymnastics because it relates to dance so much,” she said. 

Once Neuberg came to Lakeland Union High School, she originally joined a number of sports in addition to gymnastics.

“I played varsity soccer for two years,” she said. “I did tennis, too, freshman-junior year and varsity gymnastics for all four years.”

One event Neuberg found out she was exceptional at was the vault. 

“I think it’s a lot of strength, honestly, because I know a lot of girls can’t hit as hard as I can, so I have a lot more power,” she said.

At the Wisconsin Rapids meet on Jan. 9 of her senior year, she vaulted to a score of 8.15. She achieved the same score at the conference meet on Feb. 22, receiving an 8.15 from the judges, tied for fourth in conference.

One of Neuberg’s best scores and favorite memories came during her junior year on the vault. It turned into a pretty good day overall. 

“Getting third at conference. That was a pretty great memory for me junior year,” she said. “It was the small school conference, but I got third place and went to the winter ball after.”

She ended up scoring an 8.35, which placed her honorable mention all-conference. 

Neuberg expanded her gymnastics range by competing in all four events including the all-around over the course of her senior year. 

“Julie’s strength is that she has been in gymnastics for so long that her body is familiar with routines,” 2019 LUHS gymnastics coach Mikaila Walker said. “Being a previous dancer and gymnast — that’s what what made Julie great. It helped her to work on skills she wanted to for routines.”

In the all-around against Rhinelander on Jan. 23, Neuburg finished second with a score of 27.05. It was her last home meet of her career.

Being her senior year, Neuberg found herself in a leadership position. As a leader, she wanted to be someone others could look up to.

“I think just taking initiative to know what I’m doing whether it’s setting up the equipment or leading warm ups everyday,” she said. “Younger classman looking up to you … they trust that you know what you’re doing.”

Joining UW-Eau Claire next year, Neuberg was interested in expanding her gymnastics career, but it seems slim now.

“I was trying to see if there was club gymnastics, but Eau Claire doesn’t have club gymnastics so it probably doesn’t look likely for me,” she said. 

To cap off an amazing career at Lakeland Union, Neuberg was a 2020 GNC and LUHS Scholar Athlete award winner as well as a LUHS Senior Athlete award winner.

“I thought that was actually really cool,” she said. “To be recognized as senior athletes who had such a big accomplishment over the past four years.”

Brett LaBore may be reached at [email protected] or [email protected]

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