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Gentleman’s club rumor in St. Germain is just that

Rich: ‘Not correct at all’

April 17, 2020 by Brian Jopek

A recent rumor in the town of St. Germain is apparently causing some concern among residents there. 

The question, that the Golden Pines Supper Club was going to be sold and would become a gentleman’s club, was raised during the public comment portion in the early stages of Monday’s meeting of the St. Germain Town Board. 

The town board was also asked if there were any restrictions — should the sale go through and the Golden Pines indeed become a gentleman’s club — that could be placed on the new owners given the visibility the business has on State Highway 70. 

Town chairman Tom Christensen said with it being the public comment part of the meeting and the matter not on the agenda, the town board couldn’t have an open discussion about it.

“So, unfortunately, we have to kind of sit here like lumps on the log and just not talk about it,” he said. “To my knowledge, that has not happened.”

Christensen then asked if anyone else in the audience was concerned about the possibility of the Golden Pines becoming a gentleman’s club or knew something about the rumor. 

St. Germain business man Brian Siekierzynski said it was headed in that direction “from what I understand.”

“I debated bringing it up in public like this until the town has had some more time to research it,” he said. “I believe they’ve researched it to some extent and there’s not much they can do.”

Siekierzynski said he’d been doing some research himself and there were things that could be done by the town “to curtail” some of the problems that result in “events like that.”

“I’m hoping the town will be looking into this for everybody,” he said. 

Nothing else was said on the subject during the meeting and Tuesday, Christensen classified the whole thing as a rumor but said someone who’s involved has spoken to town supervisors Brian Cooper and Ted Ritter. 

He also said a realtor had called him regarding the liquor license for the Golden Pines and he referred the realtor to town clerk Tom Martens. 

“That’s really all we’ve had,” Christensen said. “The questions to Ted and Brian were about zoning because they’re on the zoning committee. I don’t even know how it got started, to be honest with you.”

Earlier Tuesday morning, he said he’d talked to someone who told him “it was a done deal” and an offer had been accepted. 

“I don’t know that,” Christensen said. “I don’t know anything for sure about it. That’s just what the rumor is and it is what it is, I guess.”

Reached for comment Tuesday afternoon, a representative of the Golden Pines Supper Club said simply “I wouldn’t print that if I were you” and hung up. 

A partner in Bucktails, a gentleman’s club in Sugar Camp and with an Eagle River address, also Tuesday said the rumor “was not correct at all.”

“We have been trying to squash that rumor,” Laura Rich said. “We are not affiliated with anyone else purchasing a club in this area. Period. End of story. Just so you can set the record straight.”

Brian Jopek may be reached via email at [email protected]


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