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Julianna Ouimette wins Athlete of the Week

January 31, 2020 by Brett LaBore

One girl who has been a force on the court for the Thunderbirds is guard Julianna Ouimette.

On Jan. 13, Wissports nominated Julianna Ouimette of the Lakeland Union High School girls’ basketball team for the PlayInTheDells.com Athlete of the Week for Jan. 6-12.

“Julianna has worked extremely hard to get to where she is as a player,” coach Melissa Ouimette said. “She suffered a terrible knee injury last year, endured a long and painful surgery, and is still rehabbing her knee, 14 months post surgery, to keep it strong. To see a kid go through something like that, fight back, and excel is wonderful.”

Against Northland Pines on Jan. 10, Julianna Ouimette went a perfect 13/13 from the field, scoring 32 points. She added four rebounds, seven assists, eight steals and three blocks helping her team to the 64-28 victory.

At the conclusion of the voting, Julianna Ouimette won Athlete of the Week.

“It was a great honor to just be nominated for that and I know a lot of people helped me out a lot to get votes,” Julianna Ouimette said. “A lot of my friends, a lot of my teammates, parents reached out to everybody and trying to get everybody to vote and that made me really happy.”

As of Jan. 28, Julianna Ouimette leads the Great Northern Conference with 23.2 points per game, 8.2 steals per game, 6.3 assists per game and a 62% field goal percentage. After her first 13 games, she has scored one quadruple double, three triple doubles and two double doubles.

“I am very happy for her and so happy to see the community support her,” coach Ouimette said. “It is such an honor to be nominated and even more special to win because of the support of your community. We are very grateful.” 

So far this season, Julianna Ouimette has shown the ability to drive to the basket for points, but also dish out to her teammates to set up a score.

“I believe her ability to impact every aspect of the game has lead to her success, and getting noticed,” coach Ouimette said. “Basketball is more than just scoring points — it’s also rebounding, creating shots for teammates, playing defense, stealing the ball on defense or blocking a shot. She does all of these things and is a competitor.”

Together, she and her teammates have put together a successful season. As of Jan. 28, the Thunderbirds are tied for third with a 4-2 record in the Great Northern Conference. 

“I love playing with my teammates,” Julianna Ouimette said. “I love those games when we’re all excited and we all want to win so bad — those games are so much fun.”

As the season marches on, Julianna Ouimette will continue to be one of the driving forces on a talented Thunderbird team.

Brett LaBore may be reached at [email protected] or [email protected].

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