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Lac du Flambeau Public School provides families with meals and learning resources

April 17, 2020 by Kayla Houp

Since the start of the school closure in March, the Lac du Flambeau Public School, like the other Lakeland area school districts, have been providing families in need with meals during the school closure.

“We’re delivering meals, a breakfast and lunch combination to families every day,” Lac du Flambeau Public School superintendent Dr. Larry Ouimette told The Lakeland Times on Friday, April 3. “They drive up, it’s curbside service, so we bring it out to them and hand it in to them when they open their car windows.”

According to Ouimette, the first day the school offered the service, March 18, 259 meals were served with 260 on March 19.

Since then, the district served over 400 meals a day from March 23 through March 27, and over 500 meals a day last week, Ouimette reported.

“The families have been so appreciative and thankful when they’ve come through, and just really appreciate that they’re able to pick up these meals during this time period,” he said.

Home learning plan

The district also distributed Chromebooks to families with students in first through eighth grade on March 23 and March 24.

“After those two distributions, we only had about 50 to 60 Chromebooks that had not been picked up, so in two mornings we delivered quite a few Chromebooks,” Ouimette said.

For families that don’t have internet access, Ouimette said teachers were asked to create learning packets.

“We had them come in at specific times, so there was only four to five teachers in certain areas of the building at a time because we didn’t want them coming in all together,” Ouimette said.

The packets were distributed curbside to families and families who were unable to pick up educational materials during the scheduled time will be contacted by the school office, Ouimette continued.

“Our teachers have posted office hours for four hours a day where students and parents can connect with them to go over materials that they have distributed and make sure students are making progress,” Ouimette said. “During the work day, from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., four of those hours they need to be available to answer questions.”

Ouimette said families were also provided with an activity book called Kids Learn for grades Pre-K through seventh grade that serves as a supplementary resource.

According to Ouimette, Kids Learn provides six weeks of reading and math curriculum designed for families to be able to use at home with students.

“It’s designed to review the materials that they’re doing this year and get them ready for next year,” Ouimette said. “It’s really a nice resource for parents and students, especially if they don’t have Internet connection. It goes based on the expected learning in each grade level.”

Ouimette said the district was encouraging families to have their students do the work sent out by teachers to the best of their ability with the understanding that, when school resumes, the district would “have to meet every student where they’re at.”

“There’s going to be some students that really excel through this whole thing and there’s going to be some students and families that maybe were not able to have as much success, so we want to really be able to meet students where they’re at,” Ouimette said. “That’s what we try to do on a regular basis anyway.”

Other items

On April 1, the board also:

• Approved a motion to continue regular pay to hourly employees and certified staff based on the school calendary.

“The support staff are going to be on call,” Ouimette said. “They also will be doing at least four hours per day, making phone calls, doing professional development through the special education director and pupil services director, and as I mentioned, our certified staff are either working at home or here, if it’s needed to be here.”

• Purchased 100 Chromebooks to increase the amount of Chromebooks the school has available for students when school resumes.

Kayla Houp may be reached via email at [email protected]

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