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Lac du Flambeau Town Board opens fire station bids

January 21, 2020 by Kayla Houp

In April 2019, Lac du Flambeau town members approved 25-1 an 8,000-square foot addition to the town’s fire station at a cost not to exceed $1.75 million.

Though no formal action was taken, the Lac du Flambeau Town Board opened bids for the construction of the fire station expansion project on Jan. 15.

The board received four bids, with all four bidders offering two alternative prices, one for the omission of new wall and floor finishes in the old ambulance garage and the second to omit the “removal of the metal siding and insulation of thin-cut CMU on the south and east elevations of the orignal garage and install matching metal siding where the overhead doors remove to include painting of these elevations.”

The first bid, from Angelo Luppino in Iron Belt, came in at $1,889,000 with one alternative price at a $25,500 deduction and the second a $16,100 deduction.

A bid from Huotari Construction, Inc. in Medford came in at $1,826,520 with one alternate price of a $24,000 deduction and the second a $14,255 deduction. 

A third bid, from Scherrer Construction out of Burlington, came in as the highest bid at $2,390,285. The first alternate cost was a $25,800 deduction from the original bid with the second a $33,800 deduction.

The last bid, from Nasi Construction out of Hurley, came in $1,853,269. The first alternative price is a $14,225 deduction and the second alternative price is a $6,865 deduction. 

“I guess what I’d like to is have Glenn look them over, see them for their completeness and then bring it on a future agenda for our discussion, review and potential approval,” town chair Matt Gaulke said, referring to architect Glenn Morrison from Architecture North, who is overseeing the project.

“Do you want me to try and find some additional savings someplace?” Morrison asked. “I’m going to have to be working with whoever as the final bid, then we can see if there’s anything we can take out that’s not going to ruin (it).”

All of the bids exceeded the $1.75 million limit the town’s electors approved last April.

Gaulke said the board could borrow more than the approved amount, but it would have to be brought back to the town electors for approval.

“On the original specs, Glenn has talked about a 20% contingency was built in the $1.75 million, was that part of the bid specs that there’d by a 20% contingency in that also” Lac du Flambeau resident Jim Sommerfeldt asked.

Morrison explained the 20% contingency was on his $1.75 million estimate.

“Was it built into their bids is my question?” Sommerfeldt asked.

“I wouldn’t think so,” Gaulke said. “We’ll have to review them to see exactly what they have there, but I wouldn’t think so.”

“If you think there’s going to be more changes, then we should consider adding a contingency, but hopefully we’ve got all that covered,” Morrison said. “That’s what brought the price up a little bit was some of the things that we found in the old building that needed attention.”

Kayla Houp may be reached via email at [email protected].

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