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Lakeland girls’ hoops dominate in Hayward

December 10, 2019 by Brett LaBore

The Lakeland girls’ basketball team put together one of their best games of the season when they traveled to Hayward Friday night. 

The Thunderbirds defeated the Hurricanes 82-35.

The game started off with a Julianna Ouimette 3-pointer, followed by two more scores. She quickly had seven points.

“She loves all aspects of the game,” explained coach Melissa Ouimette.

The Hurricanes struggled with Lakeland’s pressure for much of the night. The Thunderbirds had many steals and used those steals to create fast break buckets.

“That’s something we like to do,” coach Ouimette said. “We like to put on pressure. We’ve been working on a couple of different presses and I think they worked well for us tonight.”

Abby Parris had a drive to the hoop for a basket as Lakeland led 9-0. Hayward answered with their first points at the 11:33 mark of the first half. Then Hayward quickly scored again to make it 9-4.

That was as close as the Hurricanes would get. The Thunderbirds proceeded to go on a huge run. Julianna Ouimette got fouled and made two free throws off a steal. Then, Parris made a 3-point shot. Vivian Trapp followed that up later with a basket on a drive to the hoop.

Parris finished with 16 points and Trapp finished with eight points.

“The thing about our offense is we like to attack. We never like to sit back and wait for something to happen, we like to create something to happen,” coach Ouimette said.

Julianna Ouimette stayed aggressive and scored once more. The Thunderbirds had gone on a quick 12-0 run to make it 21-4 midway through the first half.

Julianna Ouimette led the team with 31 points.

Amaya White and Parris traded off baskets later in the half. White scored her first points off an offensive rebound. Then she passed it to Parris for two more points, getting an assist. Parris also made another 3-pointer.

“We work on those trying to get someone open and we always look to make a pass, the next best pass and I thought we did a great job of sharing the ball tonight,” coach Ouimette said.

With little time left in the half, White continued to stay aggressive with a basket on a fast break and made free throws.

White finished with 17 points, second most on the team.

The final points of the first half came on an essential buzzer beater. Parris made a last second shot and Camille Quade got the assist.

The Thunderbirds led 43-9 at the half.

In the second half, Hailey Curtis provided a spark off the bench. She sunk two 3-pointers and made a free throw.

“I’m looking to get her in when I can to get some outside shooting for us,” coach Ouimette said. “She’s a nice outside shooter, nice arc on the ball. We just got to get her minutes to get her confidence up.”

Trapp and White added to their point totals as Quade scored her first points of the game. Julianna Ouimette assisted on two of those three baskets. 

“[Julianna] loves getting those steals, loves getting that fast break going,” coach Ouimette said. “The other thing she’s loving to do now is penetrate and then kick to the wings and baseline corner shooters.”

Their next game comes Thursday, Dec. 12 at Antigo starting at 7:15 p.m. It is the Thunderbirds’ conference opener.

Brett LaBore may be reached at [email protected] or [email protected].

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