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Lakeland golf shoots well in New Glarus

August 13, 2019 by Brett LaBore

The only way to get better at golf is to go out on the course and play. For the Lakeland golf team, they’ve done exactly that this summer and found some success.

Four Lakeland golfers participated in the Junior Boys Championship at Edelweiss Chalet Country Club in New Glarus on Monday, Aug. 5 through Wednesday, Aug. 7. Participating was Kyle Bengtson, Kaeden Nomm, Ansen Nomm and recently graduated Adam Lazaroff. 

All four players made the cut ensuring they had more playing time to get better.

“Competition will make you better and they play a tough summer schedule,” LUHS golf coach Scott Howard said. “Two day, three day and those can’t help but make you better and you’re playing great players in the state.”

Bengtson had the best finish of the four, finishing tied for sixth and shooting six over par. In total, he shot eight birdies on the round, including four on round two. 

As in the past, Bengtson found a lot of his success in par fives. He was tied for ninth and was three under par on par fives.

“It makes them better and it’s good for us in the spring,” Howard said. “They’re used to that, used to competition, nerves aren’t there that much.”

Both Lazaroff and Ansen Nomm finished tied for 32nd with 19 over par. Both players shot the exact same score everyday — 78, 79 and 78.

Lazaroff finished better on the front nine over the course of the three rounds, shooting eight over par, while Ansen Nomm shot better on the back nine, shooting one stroke better than Lazaroff.

“That’s why all of them for years now have become better players playing summer golf,” Howard said. “If you’ve got something coming up on your radar, it gets you to the golf course.” 

Kaeden Nomm finished shooting 30 over par. He did his best work on par fours, recording 17 pars over the course of three days.

But now comes the fall sports season. Fall sports means colder weather, making it tougher to get on the golf course. 

“Another five, six weeks down the line anything can happen weather-wise,” Howard said. “It’s hard to get out there and play like you did all spring and summer.”

No matter what season they are in, the Lakeland boys golf team will continue to get better and work on the game they love.  

Brett LaBore may be reached at [email protected] or [email protected] com.

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