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Lakeland gymnastics finish season in Antigo

April 15, 2020 by Brett LaBore

The Lakeland gymnastics’ team had their sectional meet on Friday night in Antigo, looking for a chance to go to State.

As a team, the Thunderbirds finished seventh with 91.625 points. 

“It was super exciting though we do have a lot of seniors this year so it was super sad,” explained coach Mikaila Walker. “The meet came with excitement and sadness, kind of all over the place.”

Julie Neuberg had the highest finish for the day, finishing tied for 16th in the vault with 8.05 points. 

“She did great,” Walker said. “She stuck the landing both times and I think this is probably the best I’ve seen her vault all year.” 

Neuberg also finished 23rd in the balance beam with 5.9 points and 22nd in the uneven bars with a score of 6.1.

Anna Thompson competed in the all-around, finishing 22nd with 25.025 points. 

“We were stressing for all the girls to do all around,” Walker said. “It does require a lot of work, dedication. Depending on how the events roll you can really be tired by the time you do your last event - it’s tough.”

On the vault, Thompson finished tied for 31st with 7.15 points. She also finished 22nd on the beam with 6.025 points, 28th on the floor with 6.4 points and 25th on the bars with 5.45 points.

Cameryn Teichmiller continued to perform well on the floor, the highest floor finish of any Thunderbird. She finished 24th on the floor with a score of 6.9 points. She also finished 30th on the bars with 4 points and 31st on the vault with 7.15 points. 

“Cameryn really figured (the floor) out early in the season and came out and perfected it and took the judges’ feedback and she really rolled with it and worked hard at it.” 

Katy Mueth returned to the mat and finished 26th on the bars with 4.85 points and 27th on the floor with 6.6 points. 

“I did see how far she came at that beam routine,” Walker said. “She put up an effortless beam routine in not even a week - a very talented athlete.”

Anna Smith finished 31st on the floor with 5.6 points, 34th on the bars with 3.25 points and 30th on the vault with 7.25 points. 

“To jump right back in and whip out an amazing routine is something I don’t think I could do, but she does it super awesome,” Walker said.

Vivian Callende took part in two events. She finished 34th in the vault with 6.15 points and 33rd in the beam with 4.2 points.

“In the next couple years, increasing those skills and confidence she will really be a star athlete in gymnastics (in the) coming years,” Walker said.

The sectional meet was the final meet of the season. 

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