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Lakeland Pantry makes more changes

COVID-19 concern continues to dictate procedures

April 17, 2020 by Brian Jopek

With the constantly changing COVID-19 situation, the staff at the Lakeland Pantry is among those having to adapt. 

Director Lorna Springate said the pantry will be open according to its normal schedule “with the following restrictions.”

“We are at no contact which means one person can come into the pantry at the doorway, put their identification (ID) in a box, which will be taken to check-in by a volunteer,” she said. “Check-in will log their visit and the ID will go back to the recipient. They will then have to go back to their vehicle and wait. Volunteers will bag the appropriate amount of food for the size family and then wheel it out to their vehicle.”

Springate said if the bags can’t be put in the trunk or cargo area of a recipient’s vehicle, volunteers will leave them on the ground next to the vehicle and the recipient will have to load it.

“New recipients will show ID, state income and provide an address and a number of household members,” she said. “They will then go back to their vehicle and wait. They are not to bring their own boxes or bags as we cannot use them at this point in time. All groceries will be put in clean paper bags which recipients will then need to discard as we cannot reuse them.”

Brian Jopek may be reached via email at [email protected]

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