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Lakeland wrestling sweeps the week

February 04, 2020 by Brett LaBore

The Lakeland wrestling team participated in a quad Tuesday, Jan. 28, in Hayward.

They defeated Rice Lake 42-22, Shell Lake 39-24 and Hayward 40-36.

“Three full team victories is exciting to see,” coach Adam Bremer said. “It’s exciting to see that growth happening.”

Then, they defeated Mosinee in a dual meet 39-29 on Thursday, Jan. 30.

Rice Lake

Every single victory against Rice Lake came by pin for the Thunderbirds. 

In the 120 class, Brady Abb defeated Graydon Clark in 1:01. 

“Both matches a dominant performance,” Bremer said. “We’re working juggling him in weight classes with Harry Nemcek the other duo. We really are blessed to have some depth to move guys around.”

Jason Hilgart defeated Aidan Drost in 1:14 in the 145 class.

Patrick Grams defeated Taylor Schulz in 1:13 in the 152 class.

Shell Lake

This time, against Shell Lake, Harry Nemcek competed in the 120 class. He beat Tyler Schunck by a 10-9 decision.

“Although it looked like a one point win, Harry got caught for a four point move (at the end of the match),” Bremer said. “Overall a good win for Harry.”


Now competing in the 126 class, Abb pinned Isaac Hanson of Hayward in 2:43.

Hilgart looked for another win on the day and got it quickly. He pinned Nate Melton in just 14 seconds.

“(Jason) had a dominant performance,” Bremer said. “He finished in a way that was very exciting.”

One match later, Nick Rybicki in the 152 class defeated Gaitlin Gunn in 3:06 via pin.

In the 220 class, Landon Saglin defeated Jacob Morgan by pin in 4:21.

“Landon had a really big victory for us against Hayward in a back and forth match,” Bremer said. “Landon secured a pin for us. That was a big win for us.”

Down 36-24, the Thunderbirds needed wins from their last three wrestlers to take the victory from Hayward. 

“Follow (Landon’s performance) with the last three guys of the night it was pretty exciting,” Bremer said.

Sawyer Duir won his match, pinning Sawyer Rhea in the 106 class in 53 seconds. The pin gained the Thunderbirds six points. 

In the 113 class, Ben Nemcek won by a 12-0 major decision over Noah Christianson. The major decision awarded the Thunderbirds four points. Lakeland was down 36-34. All they needed was a win from Harry Nemcek. 

In the 120 class, Harry Nemcek got the win, pinning Drake Marks in 4:43.

“All Harry had to do was win the match,” Bremer said. “He was able to catch the guy and able to put him on his back and finish him off.”

The Thunderbirds’ secured the win against Hayward.


Both the Mosinee and Lakeland teams traded off wins. No team won back-to-back matches. 

“I think when it comes to the make up of the team we’re pretty similar,” Bremer said. “They’ve got a good group of seniors and underclassmen, well-coached team, aggressive team. We had our work cut out for us.”

Patrick Grams came up with a huge pin in the 160 class to get things rolling for the Thunderbirds. He pinned Noah Meshak in 2:30 for six points.

“Patrick was able to get a pin there which was a huge pick up for us,” Bremer said. “He dominated the first period.”

In the 182 class, Henry Evenhouse had a hard fought match with Ben Folwarksi. It took 5:17, but Evenhouse finished with a pin and six points for the Thunderbirds.

“In a back and forth battle (Henry) came through and got a big win for us,” Bremer said. 

Ben Nemcek took on Kade Kmosena in the 113 class. Even though he did not win, Ben Nemcek put up a tough match. Kade Kmosena won on a 7-2 decision.

“Although he lost, he wrestled a really good match at 113,” Bremer said. “I thought he has really come around in trying to keep himself in control and not making major mistakes.”

Harry Nemcek came back to win in the 120 class over Logan Johnson by a 7-2 decision.

“Harry was in control the whole time and came away with a solid victory in that one,” Bremer said. 

With Lakeland up 33-23 and two matches to go, the Thunderbirds had to make sure to win at least one of the matches.

Zane Grams won by forfeit to secure the win for the Thunderbirds.

One way these Thunderbirds show they’re all about team is filling out all the weight classes. Even if one individual isn’t fit for the weight class, the Thunderbirds fill all weight classes for the best possible chance to win.

“We have a team full of guys who understand in these duals you do what you need to do to support the team,” Bremer said. “A very good group of guys (who not only want to be) successful as individuals but part of a team.”

One example of that is Joe Martell in the 195 class. He went up a class and gave his opponent a match, even though Martell did not win. He was just one of a few who went up a class.

“Guys have been willing to move around so we can fill out the lineup and increases your lineup of being successful,” Bremer said. 

“We got wins in the last three matches, but again a full team effort,” Bremer said. 

Up next, they host non-conference Crandon tonight starting at 7 p.m. at the Lakeland fieldhouse. 

Then they participate in the GNC meet on Saturday, Feb. 8 at Medford Area High School starting at 10 a.m.

“I’m getting pretty excited about where this team is and where we’re going,” Bremer said. “We went up against a young team in Hayward and came out on top. We’re fired up.”

Brett LaBore may be reached at [email protected] or [email protected].

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