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Lakeland Youth Softball cancels summer season

June 02, 2020 by Brett LaBore

COVID-19 has affected so many people and taken away some of the things we love. Another decision was made on Thursday, May 28, this time regarding youth softball.

The Lakeland Youth Softball Board made the decision to cancel the summer softball season.

“This was a difficult decision that the board held out making as long as we could,” Lakeland Youth Softball Board member Sarah Johnson said. “We continued to take in new information regarding safety and guidelines over the past months, which led to our final determination to cancel the season.”

The Oneida County Public Heath Department is advising against the youth sport season and the hosting of games, travel to other communities, etc. They are following this recommendation.

“By cancelling the season, we are reducing travel to/from other communities and are preventing larger gatherings at games; yet, we are still working to develop opportunities where limited gatherings will be allowed,” Johnson said. “Our ultimate determinant was in following the recommendation of the Oneida County Public Health Department who we see as having the best interest of the community in mind.”

It is believed this is the first time ever the season has been fully canceled. 

They are keeping open the option of hosting mini-camps and pop-up practices aimed at skills improvement. 

“We’d like to have age group practices and mini-camps that focus on different aspects of the game, including batting, fielding, and pitching/catching. By doing so, we can limit the numbers and can focus on the safety of those participating,” Johnson said. “The board also feels by doing this in a less scheduled manner, and more in a ‘pop-up’ sense, that we can continue to monitor the virus situation within our area and make adjustments as appropriate.”

Nothing has been set in stone in regards to that. The board needs to gauge the level of interest before setting any times and dates. 

“These opportunities will be based on the number of interested players, and can be offered to smaller groups of players,” Johnson said.

No payments will be required, but Lakeland Youth Softball does carry insurance and will be providing equipment and coaching.

They are suggesting these options regarding the season’s registration fees. 

Families can donate $75 registration fee to Lakeland Youth Softball. Another option is families can donate 50% and Lakeland Youth Softball returns 50% ($37.50). Finally, families can receive $75 fee return from Lakeland Youth Softball.

“Yes, the $75 registration fees can be refunded or donated in full/part as families request,” Johnson said. “We received generous support and sponsorship dollars from area businesses which allowed us to purchase the necessary insurance and equipment.”

If nothing else, the board wants to provide an opportunity for everyone to get outside and just play.

“While the traditional season is not happening this year, we believe it is important to provide opportunity for youth to remain active outdoors,” Johnson said. “And to continue to feel a part of a team/sport that they love which is why we are planning opportunities for this through mini-camps and pop-up practices.”

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