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LdF officer injured in dual drug-related arrest

October 25, 2019 by Abigail Bostwick

A Lac du Flambeau Tribal police officer was injured in a recent dual arrest, leading to felony charges in Vilas County Circuit Court for one area woman and man. 

Members of the Lac du Flambeau Police Department arrived to execute a search warrant at a residence on Waswagon Street on Oct. 11 for Donald Johnson, 39, who had failed to appear in Vilas County court for a felony offense, according to court records. 

When police arrived and knocked, announcing their presence by calling “search warrant,” the door opened and an officer heard a door closing elsewhere in the house. Believing safety was compromised, police drew weapons and entered. Johnson was found laying facedown on a bed and police placed him in handcuffs. Another officer observed drug-related items in view. Johnson was secured in a squad, court reports note. 

Officers went to finish serving the search warrant of the house when they observed Naomi Snow, 37, who lives with Johnson, in the backyard with a coffee mug. Police explained their presence and asked permission to search her bedroom, which Snow denied. Officers made the decision to detain Snow pending the drug investigation, which would include securing the residence and a search for additional drugs, records state. 

When informed she was under arrest, Snow became “… extremely agitated and upset and … very vocal,” leading police to put her in handcuffs. After informing her of such, Snow attempted to walk into the house and when officers reached to stop her, Snow allegedly turned and kicked an officer in the shin. She then threw the coffee mug, leading the hot beverage to pour on the officer’s chest and pelvic area and lower leg as the officer tried to block the hit, reports indicate. 

In a further attempt inside the house to put handcuffs on Snow, Snow spit on the officer’s face and pushed against him, leading to the officer’s hand being struck against a door frame and floor, causing extreme pain. The officer would later notice his hand was bleeding from two cuts and his hand was swollen and in “sharp pain,” reports read. 

Snow was escorted to an officer’s squad where she reportedly made statements she was “going to kill (the officer).” 

On the way to jail, with an uninjured officer driving, he heard Snow make “utterances” regarding the injured officer, including how much she “hated (the victim)” and how next time she would try to “… seriously hurt (the victim)” and she wished she would have “… hurt (the victim) more.” 

The injured officer was checked over for breaks, contusions and other possible injuries at Howard Young Medical Center in Woodruff. He also was treated for bodily fluids entering his eye. The officer was advised he’d have pain for several days and to have follow-up care, the court record reports. 

During the search warrant, drugs and paraphernalia were located, including methamphetamine, digital weight scales that tested positive for meth, foil with THC and a smoking pipe.

Snow is charged with felonies battery to law enforcement officer repeater (two counts), resisting an officer causing soft tissue injury to officer, possession of methamphetamine as party to a crime and possession of THC second and subsequent offense party to a crime. She also is charged with possession of drug paraphernalia as party to a crime. All charges have a repeater enhancer. Snow is jailed on a $2,500 signature bond. She has previous drug-related convictions in the county.  

Johnson has charges filed including felony possession of meth as party to a crime, three counts felony bail jumping and misdemeanors possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of THC, both as party to a crime. He has a $250 cash bond. 

Both parties will be seen in court Oct. 28 adjourned initial appearances.


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