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Man convicted in 2017 sex assault

April 17, 2020 by Abigail Bostwick

A Vilas County man has been convicted of two felony counts of third degree sexual assault and will serve time in prison.

Richard Loppnow, 40, Eagle River, accused of twice assaulting a young woman under the threat of shooting her in the head, was in Oneida County Circuit Court on March 4 before Judge Patrick O’Melia. Loppnow was initially charged with two counts of first degree sexual assault in February 2018. In the coming months, he’d also be charged with felony and misdemeanor bail jumping charges while out on bond. 

Represented by attorney David Gardner Casey, Loppnow pled no contest in January to amended two charges of third degree sexual assault. The remainder of charges were dismissed. 

O’Melia ordered nine months in jail on one count and 10 years prison (five incarcerated, five extended supervision) plus 12 months in jail, consecutive to the first count, imposed and stayed, on the second count. He has 141 days credit. Loppnow must register as a sex offender and also must pay restitution, a $1,000 fine, submit a DNA sample and other fines and costs, undergo counseling and conditions. He is eligible for challenge incarceration and substance abuse programs.

Based on the criminal complaint, Loppnow brought the female victim to his property on the Oneida-Vilas county line in fall 2017. When they arrived, Loppnow allegedly asked if she “… wanted to be humiliated … or shot in the head.” He then held a sawed off shotgun as well as had a handgun and forced her into sexual activities, according to the court report. Then, Loppnow took the victim to a different area and further threatened her with rape by himself or a “gang.” He also put a gun to his head and demonstrated shooting himself and that he could do “… the same …” to her if she were to report him to anyone for what had happened, the criminal complaint reads.

Abigail Bostwick may be reached at [email protected] lakelandtimes.com.

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