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Man hit while walking dog in Presque Isle, charges filed

November 08, 2019 by Abigail Bostwick

Levi J. Walker, 25, Presque Isle, is charged with the criminal traffic violation of hit and run/injury, a felony which may come with nine months prison and a $10,000 fine. The charges were filed in Vilas County Circuit Court after Walker allegedly swerved to hit another man who was walking his dog on Lynx Lake Road. Walker is accused of leaving the injured man and fleeing the scene.

The victim told deputies he was walking his dog south when he heard a vehicle approaching so he moved to the shoulder of the opposite lane to give it plenty of room. Once the vehicle was in sight, the victim said, it “veered towards him, crossing the center lane going into the opposite lane of traffic,” according to the criminal complaint. 

The driver’s side mirror broke off in the hit, which the victim retrieved and provided to Vilas County Sheriff’s Department deputies. The victim was able to walk home where he called police. 

The responding officer observed the victim to have several bloody towels, swelling around his eye, a bandaged left hand and the mirror which also had blood on it, reports indicate. 

During investigation, the mirror was found to be from a later 2000 model truck. The victim was able to provide a name who may have been driving such a vehicle — Walker. The victim stated contractors had been doing some work for him and Walker was an employee he had an issue with his work in particular, the court record reads. 

The victim told the deputy he felt Walker would know what he and his dog looked like, and he likely “had a grudge against him,” reports note. 

The victim was treated at Howard Young Medical Center with stitches for a laceration on his hand. He also suffered two black eyes and a bruised sternum and a bruised and sore foot after it was run over, court reports state. 

When interviewed by deputies, Walker initially said he did not hit anyone while out driving that day, and then gave some conflicting stories of his whereabouts, based the criminal complaint. Walker’s truck was impounded for evidence. 

Walker was in court Monday for an initial appearance where public defender Attorney Chad Lynch was assigned to his case. Walker’s address was updated to Marinesco, Mich. He is free on a $350 signature bond and may not consume intoxicants or contact the victim as part of that condition. A preliminary hearing is set for the morning of Jan. 2. 


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