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Marshfield Clinic contributes to ‘Stop the Bleed’ effort at LUHS

October 25, 2019

Marshfield Clinic Health System has contributed funds and medical supplies to support the purchase of trauma kits at Lakeland Union High School (LUHS).

LUHS staff recently participated in an active shooter/intruder incident response that included training entitled “Stop the Bleed” — a national program providing a crash course in wound/injury care. They were shown how to bandage, make tourniquets and treat other wounds/injuries in their classrooms.

“We hope that it never comes down to a staff member needing to do anything like this, but if we have to go into a lockdown, medical help may not be available until the scene is safe,” Minocqua Police Department school resource officer William Trojan said. “Given that scenario, I wanted to be able to provide ‘Classroom Trauma Kits’ for each classroom and area around LUHS. These kits would contain the materials most critical in this type of situation. I am looking to stock each classroom and other various offices/areas — which amounts to 70-75 kits total to cover the LUHS campus.”

Since neither the school, nor the police department currently have a budget for this effort, Trojan is reaching out to the community and businesses to see if they can assist.

“Marshfield Clinic is very glad to be able to offer $1,000 and an additional $1,000 value in medical supplies toward this very worthwhile effort,” said Mike Dowdy, chief administrative officer, Marshfield Medical Center-Minocqua. “We are also currently building a state-of-the-art emergency facility right across the street from the high school, so we will be prepared to respond to any emergency that may occur. We encourage others in our community to consider contributing to this cause.”

“I am an emergency physician and I know how critical time is when someone has a traumatic injury,” said Dr. Mike Schaars, regional medical director, Marshfield Clinic Health System. “These kits can provide teachers and staff with some of the resources they would need to save lives.”

For more information contact William Trojan, 715-356-5252 ext. 3428 or [email protected]

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