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Marshfield Clinic encourages use of telehealth during the pandemic

April 21, 2020

Marshfield Clinic is encouraging patients to use telehealth at home via phone or computer to help with social distancing and “flatten the curve” in the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are endorsing telehealth at home either using the telephone or personal computer to limit face-to-face contact,” said Dr. Mike Schaars, Marshfield Clinic Health System, vice president of medical affairs. “We need to keep our staff and patients safe, and minimize exposure, so we are strongly encouraging patients to use our telehealth program.”

Marshfield Clinic Health System patients may be offered appointments delivered using telehealth technology. Telehealth technology allows patients to be seen by their provider as if they and their provider were in the same room.

Up until now, telehealth appointments required patients to come to their nearest Health System location to see and speak to their provider over a telehealth connection. Now, telehealth appointments may connect patients to their provider from the patient’s home either via a laptop or other mobile device; or by phone.

Not all appointments can be delivered using the telehealth approach. Patients who are requesting an appointment will be offered a telehealth appointment if their condition is such that it can be cared for through a telehealth appointment and if the patient’s home technology supports a visit using telehealth technology. Other options for care includes phone care, speaking with a nurse or receiving care at an open urgent care facility.

Medicare, Medicaid and most commercial carriers are also providing reimbursement for phone care visits. Patients are encouraged to connect with their insurance company if they are unsure of their own benefits.

If patients of Marshfield Clinic Health System need to talk to their provider or schedule an appointment with their provider or health care team, they should call their provider’s office at their center’s location. They will determine if a telehealth appointment is appropriate to meet the patient’s medical needs or concerns.

“All of our hospitals, including Flambeau Hospital in Park Falls, remain open 24/7,” said Jane Eaton-Nyman, RN, chief integrity officer.

“We encourage patients to call ahead and verify if their appointments are still scheduled and if the appointment has been moved to a different location,” said Katie Weinberger, manager, Park Falls Center. “These hours may change as the situation evolves and will be updated at marshfieldclinic.org.”

Patients who are ill and need to see a physician will be seen. If a face-to-face visit is requested they will be able to have that in a timely manner. Call and we will schedule patients to get the care and treatment they need.

Marshfield Clinic Health System patients can contact Nurse Line at 1-844-342-6276 with questions. Non-Health System patients can use Care My Way®, available seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Each session costs $40 and you can pay with any major credit card at the time of service. Visit marshfieldclinic.org/care-my-way for more information. 

Or call our COVID-19 Helpline, open 24/7, at 877-998-0880, to ask questions and get factual information about the virus.

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