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Nicolet College now offers flexible GED/HSED instruction to students at any location

November 01, 2019

Individuals seeking to prepare for the GED/HSED tests can now do so entirely from their home or virtually anywhere else thanks to new educational services available through Nicolet College’s Academic Success program.

“Transportation and arranging child care are all-too-common barriers for individuals to earn their GED or HSED,” said Lisa Young, director of adult basic education at Nicolet. “With these new services, we’ve been able to remove those barriers, make the learning process much more flexible for students, and ultimately open the door wider for more people to earn their GED or HSED so they can get farther ahead in life.”

All services are free and open to anyone.

Young noted that while internet service is technically not required, being able to access a multitude of online resources from any location makes the learning process much more efficient.

“Every student doesn’t fit into the same box, so what we do is customize a learning plan for each individual and identify what works best for them,” she said. “Having access Internet access is definitely helpful, but it is not mandatory.”

The process commonly starts with a conversation, either in person or over the phone, with the student. Then an instructional assessment is completed to find out where the student is academically.

From there, Nicolet staff create a customized and flexible academic plan that fits into the individual’s life and around family and work responsibilities.

Instructional options can include any combination of online assignments, instructional conversations over the telephone, assignments that are mailed to students through the postal service, and one-on-one, face-to-face instruction on the Nicolet Campus or at any of the seven Nicolet Academic Success outreach centers located throughout the Nicolet District.

Students preparing for GED/HSED testing focus on five academic areas. These include social studies, science, math, civics, and reasoning through language arts. Students must pass exams in all five disciplines to be awarded a GED or HSED.

Young also noted that final testing is the only aspect of the process that cannot be done at home. Testing must be completed at a certified Pearson Vue testing center, which is available on the Nicolet College Campus one mile south of Rhinelander just off of Hwy. G.

With more than 20 years of experience in adult basic education, Young has noted a common denominator in the many hundreds of students who have benefited from academic success services.

“By far the hardest part for virtually everyone has been to take that first step, to make that phone call or visit our office to get everything rolling,” she said. “A lot of people at first think that they just can’t do it. But I can’t tell you how many times, once we can get people to take that first step, for people to realize that yes, they can do it. The pride they develop in themselves is wonderful to see as they work through all the steps to earn their GED or HSED.”

Many also don’t stop there.

“That success becomes contagious. I’ve seen many, many individuals enroll in Nicolet classes, graduate, and lead successful lives which never would have happened if they never took that first step.”

For more information, call the Academic Success program at 715-365-4455; TTY  1-800-947-3529 or 711; or email [email protected]

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