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Northwoods Singers rehearsals begin

February 11, 2020

The Northwoods Singers and the Northwoods Youth Choir are gathering to put together a slightly unusual musical concoction for the 2020 spring concert season.
Both the Singers and the Youth Choir are inviting new members who have a “taste” for good choral music to join in rehearsals from 6 to 8 p.m. each Tuesday at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church 5030 State Highway 70 W Eagle River. Although adult rehearsals have just begun, new singers are encouraged to join, and the youth schedule will be announced. Carpooling from various locations can be arranged.
The group is open to all adult songsters from Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan who enjoy learning and performing interesting, unusual, and beautiful choral music.  
The Singers will be joined in concert by the Northwoods Youth Singers, a group of middle school and high school students. Students interested in joining the Youth Singers can contact Dr. Lee at 906-544-2108. 
Pianist Linda Brainard of Eagle River will accompany both groups. Adding to the ensemble will be the Northwoods Singers String Trio, including Beth Hassler, of Eagle River, Shelley Johnson Tomlinson and Neil Johnson, of Iron River, Mich., plus percussionists to be announced. Any musicians interested in joining the group are asked to contact Dr. Pamalynn Lee.
The group began as the Northwoods Choral Group in 2003. Under the direction of Romanian born violinist and vocalist, Ligia Vascan, the group, then consisting of approximately 20 members, held its first full concert in December 2003, at the Land O’ Lakes grade school.  
A new era began in the fall of 2005 with the arrival of Dr. Lee. Changing the name of the organization to the Northwoods Singers, an official board was formed, and, by 2006, the Singers were incorporated as a not for profit tax exempt organization.  
Under Dr. Lee’s leadership, vocal workshops have been sponsored, additional outreach performances for local civic and service groups are scheduled, and the scope of choral material presented in both holiday and spring concerts has widened.  
The Northwoods Singers also began to set a regular salary for the conductor as well as for rehearsal accompanists and additional musicians. All Northwoods Singers members now contribute to the development of the Northwoods Singers musical library through biannual music fees. Scholarships are also offered to promising adult and youth singers who might otherwise be unable to join the groups. In addition to singing with the adult group, the youngsters research and announce their own musical presentations, making their participation both a musical and learning experience. 
The Northwoods Singers is committed to improving the musical repertoire of both adult and youth audiences and choral members. Uniquely, the Singers are also dedicated to improving individual and group understanding of the importance of the physical aspects of healthy vocalization, including breathing techniques and vocal relaxation exercises.
For more information, or to join the Northwoods Singers or the Northwoods Youth Singers, contact Barbara Nehring at 715-547-3525 (Trading Post Internationale); 715-547-3474 (home); or email [email protected]

The upcoming spring two-concert schedule concocted by the Northwoods Singers will feature some “taste-tempting” songs with an added culinary element.
Concerts are scheduled for Thursday, May 14, at Ely Memorial Church of Christ in Land O’ Lakes, and Sunday, May 17, at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Eagle River.

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