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Northwoods Wildlife Center hosts 2020 Wildlife Baby Shower

May 29, 2020

The wildlife community awakens during the spring season, and babies are born and migrating birds will return. This is the busiest time for the Northwoods Wildlife Center. 

Center staff is taking all necessary precautions during this COVID-19 event, however the wildlife cannot self-quarantine and the need for animal care of injured and orphaned animals will remain high over the next few months. As done in years past, Northwoods Wildlife Center (NWC) is hosting a Baby Shower in preparation for an influx of wildlife in need during this time. The majority of spring admissions are infant animals requiring special equipment, diets, supplies, and a lot of time.  

Northwoods Wildlife Center has both a Baby Shower registry and a Wish List on Smile.Amazon.com. Because the Center is closed for visitors until further notice, donations can be shipped directly to the wildlife center — 8683 S. Blumenstein Road, Minocqua. Actual in-person shopping for the benefit of the Center is discouraged.

The best way to support Northwoods Wildlife Center during this fragile time is through a monetary donation. Visit northwoodswildlifecenter.org and click “donate.” 

The Center would also like to remind everyone of the proper measures to take if an injured or orphaned animal is found. Many people may be taking long walks during social distancing and may come across wildlife-in-need. Northwoods Wildlife Center is here to help. Should an animal in need be found, before acting contact the Center at 715-356-7400 for advice and assistance. The team, available 24/7, will determine how to get the animal the proper care it needs. 

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