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Oneida County Highway Committee OKs two miles of county road for ATV/UTV use

Hwy. D from U.S. Highway 51 to Lake Tomahawk town line

June 30, 2020 by Brian Jopek

It’s taken a few years, but area enthusiasts of all-terrain vehicles and utility vehicles (ATV/UTV) came a big step closer to being able to access a portion of County Highway D in Oneida County as part of an ATV/UTV trail. 

The county’s highway committee on June 25 voted unanimously to recommend to the county board year round use of approximately two miles of Hwy. D from U.S. Highway 51 in Hazelhurst to Lakewood Drive, which is the town line between Hazelhurst and Lake Tomahawk. 

Oneida County supervisor Ted Cushing, the highway committee’s chairman and also Hazelhurst town chairman, said using the stretch of Hwy. D for ATV/UTV use was actually approved four years ago. 

“It never went anywhere because Lake Tomahawk didn’t do anything,” he said. 

In addition, Corky Sheppard, vice president of the Lakeland ATV Club, said there wasn’t anything to be done “until they got to the point in time where the roads got opened in Hazelhurst.”

“Which they just did,” he said. 

The Hazelhurst Town Board approved the year-round use of town roads by ATVs and UTVs June 9. 

Lake Tomahawk factor

The town of Lake Tomahawk is dealing with its own issue regarding ATV/UTV use of town roads; results of a survey of town residents conducted this past spring indicated no problem with opening up town roads for ATV/UTV use. 

The town board has yet to take action on the results of that survey as the matter has been with the town’s planning commission, which is expected to draft an ATV/UTV ordinance for the town board to consider soon. 

That Lake Tomahawk survey, sent out in early March, was the result of a request from the Lake Tomahawk ATV Club for 2.6 miles of Lakewood Road from the town of Cassian to Hwy. D be open to all ATV/UTV traffic. 

The goal, members of the club have maintained, would connect trails put together by the Nokomis ATV Club and Lakeland ATV Club.

Hwy. D time frame

The use of Hwy. D from Hwy. 51 to Lakewood Drive by ATVs and UTVs, while cleared at the Oneida County Highway Committee level, still needs to go to the full county board, which next meets in mid-August. 

In the meantime, Lakeland ATV Club vice president Corky Shepard said signage for that section of Hwy. D, to be paid for by the club and installed by county highway crews, will be ready. 

“We’ll have the signs at the county highway shop prior to that (county board approval) happening,” he said. 

Brian Jopek may be reached via email at [email protected]

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