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Plum Lake chooses Blue Design Group

January 31, 2020 by Brian Jopek

The Plum Lake Town Board approved at its meeting Jan. 14 two bids from Hortonville-based Blue Design Group to put together bid documents for needed work on the town’s ambulance barn and garage complex. 

Town supervisor Vern Wigginhauser was the dissenting vote on $1,500 for the ambulance barn and a proposal costing up to $5,000 that would result in bid documents for the town garage. 

“We need somebody who can put bid specifications together and that’s what these two RFPs are for,” town chairman Will Maines said at the meeting. “I think the sooner we get the work started, the better.”

Sunday, he said much needed work and reconstruction of portions of the ambulance barn won’t need to go to a vote of the electors at the annual meeting in April.

“That thing is in such sad shape it isn’t even funny,” Maines told The Lakeland Times

The hope is to have something put together from Blue Design Group for the town garage and salt shed electors will be able to vote on in April.  

“We know that (town garage and salt shed) is going to have to go to the voters,” Maines said. “From what I’ve heard in general conversation, most of them are pretty favorable. I mean, they know what sad shape those buildings are in.”

He said last year, the town’s community building/recreation center was brought up for possible renovation or replacement as well. 

“That was mainly just to get a conversation started,” he said. “That (community building/rec center) is a lot lower on my totem pole right now.”

Brian Jopek may be reached via email at [email protected].


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