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Plum Lake named Snowmobile Friendly Community by AWSC

SFC Award Celebrates Snowmobile Club and Community Partnership

July 10, 2020

The Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs (AWSC) recently announced eight Wisconsin communities — including Plum Lake (Sayner/Star Lake) — as a “Snowmobile Friendly Community.” The AWSC normally announces the Snowmobile Friendly Community Awards during their annual spring convention, but COVID-19 forced a cancellation of this state-wide convention for over 600 snowmobilers representing all 72 Wisconsin counties. 

Dave Newman, president of the AWSC, was at the Plum Lake Town Hall to present the award on Tuesday, July 7.

Other Wisconsin communities honored are Cambria, Marathon City, Osceola, Park Falls, Rome, Siren, and Webster. These communities achieved their Snowmobile Friendly status by working with their snowmobile club to complete a 21-page application describing how they and their Snowmobile Club advocate for safe and responsible snowmobiling in their area. 

Created through a partnership between the AWSC and the Wisconsin Department of Tourism, a statewide Evaluation Panel includes a tourism professional to ensure the program accurately identifies which communities and snowmobile clubs are “best” at welcoming, preserving, and providing snowmobile access, support, and services for snowmobilers. The Snowmobile Friendly Community Award/Designation is a four-year term and communities may reapply for subsequent awards.

Although canceled by the pandemic, the AWSC’s Spring Convention serves as the final major snowmobiling event for the more than 610 Wisconsin snowmobile clubs which create and maintain over 24,000 miles of public snowmobile trails connecting all 72 Wisconsin counties.

All SFC winners are awarded reflective, high-visibility, 24x36-inch highway signs to let all visitors know they are entering a “Snowmobile Friendly Community.” 

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