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Presque Isle approves stipend policy for EMTs

December 10, 2019

The Presque Isle town board Tuesday approved a stipend for emergency medical technicians who fill out reports after ambulance runs.

The $20 per report stipend, said Presque Isle town chairman Marshall Reckard after the meeting, is basically intended to help keep EMTs and has nothing to do with three EMTs who recently left the town’s ambulance service following a publicized run-in with emergency medical service director Donna Jukich. 

Two of those EMTs are now with the Boulder Junction ambulance service.

“It’s just getting hard to keep people in general,” Reckard said. 

At the beginning of the discussion about the stipend, Reckard, who used to be an EMT with Presque Isle and is now an EMT with the Boulder Junction ambulance service, said there were questions last month regarding EMS personnel putting and ambulance crew’s run information into the service’s tracking system. 

“For me to do a report on an ambulance call takes me two hours,” Reckard told the audience to give some background. “Some people on a squad can do it in half (the time) ... we leave the hospital and get back up here and get it done. I’m not that quick, OK?” 

He said some time back, it was felt the person who does the reports should receive additional compensation. 

“That’s what this is,” Reckard said. “They came up with a number of $25 for the person. I can tell you this, other departments are the same, OK?”

He said it was agreed the person who did the report would get a $25 stipend. 

“Or whatever the amount is,” town supervisor Cathy Logan Weber said. 

“What I wanted was an internal procedure coming down from the department stipulating who does it (the report),” Reckard said. “If there’s three people on an ambulance, only one is going to get it (the stipend).”

After the vote, he said the stipend policy would take effect immediately. 

Brian Jopek may be reached via email at [email protected]

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