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Redenbaugh completes project

November 08, 2019

Josh Redenbaugh with Boy Scout Troop 564 started working with MJ1 superintendent Jim Ellis last April to digitally map the trails at the MHLT school forest and have maps made and put up as his project for his Eagle Scout badge. After Redenbaugh walked the trails several times, mapping them digitally, he had to edit the file because some trails cross each other. He then went to Adam Raddatz at Lakeland Union High School where they laser engraved the file onto cedar boards. Once the boards were engraved, the troop painted the trails the various colors that were already assigned. To ensure there was enough of a leadership aspect to this project, Redenbaugh also led the troop assembling benches that the boys then carried out into the forest. Now when classes are out on the trails, not only do they have maps at the key intersections, but have somewhere to sit to tie shoes or have a discussion. The next steps for Redenbaugh are to complete the project paperwork, and then start his application for Eagle Scout. Pictured, front row from left, are Mike Redenbaugh, Josh Wagendorf, Brian Cardelli, Joanne Kumpula, Dan Cole Nimsgern, and Grace Redenbaugh; back row, Jeff Babl, Lynn Redenbaugh, Angela Nimsgern, Mike Steinberger, and Josh Redenbaugh. 


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