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Sayner-Star Lake Barnstormers named 2019 ACSA Club of the Year

July 12, 2019

At the 51st International Snowmobile Congress, the Sayner-Star Lake Barnstormers were named the American Council of Snowmobile Associations Club of the Year. The Barnstormers started their club in 1967 when a few snowmobilers gathered in Henry Sayner’s barn, where their name was easily established.

The Barnstormers have groomed and continue to groom the first funded trail in Vilas County. They currently groom 80 miles of trails in the Sayner, also known as the birthplace of the snowmobile. Carl Eliason designed his Motor Toboggan in Sayner in 1924.

With just under 300 members, the club is very active in the area.  They hold five fundraisers each year and also partner with the Sayner Chamber of Commerce for the annual Street Fair. They are also supportive of local events and charities including fireworks, food pantries, and Soldiers on Sleds. 

Grooming and safety education are a focus for the Barnstormers. They have a dedicated group of groomers that maintain and groom seven days a week if needed. Traffic on the trails can be heavy, sometimes having over 1,000 sleds on a weekend. The groomers, male and female, range from being new to experienced. They also encourage attendance at safety certification classes for their members. The clubs also regularly attends the signage and safety meetings.

“The Sayner Barnstormers are a solid player in the grooming of the trails in Vilas County,” AWSC president Dave Newman said. “The Barnstormers are members of the AWSC and have been very supportive of our efforts, including legislative efforts in Madison.”

The Barnstormers were also chosen by the International Snowmobile Hall of Fame to be the 2019 International Snowmobile Club of the Year.

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