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Small group opens new track and field season

April 17, 2020 by Brett LaBore

The spring sports season is up and running — literally.

The Lakeland track and field team started its season with the first practice on Monday in the Lakeland fieldhouse.

One thing that the track and field program will notice is the change in head coach. After years as an assistant, Gordy Drewsen takes over as head coach, replacing Dan Claussen.

“I’m excited. I think it’s a good group of kids,” she said.

Because of spring break, the numbers were low on the first day of practice, but for those who were there, they were ready to get to work.

“Well this is a hard week cause it’s spring break, so probably 75% of them aren’t here,” coach Drewsen said. 

It all began with some stretching, getting everyone loose and ready to go for the day. Some of those stretches included the inchworm and leg-crosses.

Those stretches soon turned into mobile stretching. These stretches got them on their feet and active. It started with frankensteins, then turned into skips, focusing on getting the toe and knee up. They also acted like they were walking over hurdles.

“(The goal this week is) getting them in to start, getting them in the routine of training and strengthening and workouts,” Drewsen said.

The mobile stretching finished with bounding as well as something called tapioca. Tapioca focused the team on moving their feet in short, quick intervals.

After that, the small team broke into two groups. One group consisted of throwers and the rest were sprinters/jumpers.

Throwers went to the other gym where they worked technique and how to throw properly. After a meeting and introduction to the throwing program, the team got instruction on how to throw, first without a ball.

Then they got a medicine ball and did some squat throws, squatting down and throwing it as high as they could. 

Next, they jumped as high as they could and threw the ball down with force. After that the throwers tossed the medicine ball underhanded for height.

Eventually each of the throwers got a partner as they tossed the ball back and forth, both sitting and standing, working on the proper form.

Meanwhile, the sprinters and jumpers went on a 20-minute run in the area around the high school. This got them loose before returning to the fieldhouse. 

“The sprinters will probably be a little bit in, a little bit out,” Drewsen said. 

At the fieldhouse, they did a little bit of a cool down/stretching. They did things like stationary rope climbs, worked on getting their legs stretched out and did a version of a push-up.

The cool down wrapped practice up. As practice ended, the vaulters started to get things set up for vaulting indoors, holding their own mini-practice and getting acquainted with one another.

Just like that, the track and field season is now underway.

Brett LaBore may be reached at [email protected] or [email protected]

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