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‘The Seeds: Pushin’ Too Hard Film Documentary’ on July 12

July 12, 2019

Come to the Historic Ironwood Theatre at 7 p.m. on July 12 to see “The Seeds: Pushin’ Too Hard” film documentary.

The Seeds remain one of the most iconic American rock bands of the 1960s. Their signature hits “Pushin’ Too Hard, Mr. Farmer” and “Can’t Seem To Make You Mine” still pack a punch with baby-boomers as well as legions of new and younger fans. 

“The Seeds: Pushin’ Too Hard” includes TV and concert performances and decades of rare interviews and footage with all the original members as well as super-fans and observers including Iggy Pop, Kim Fowley, Gene Norman, The Bangles, Johnny Echols of Love, and Bruce Johnston of the Beach Boys. 

The highly acclaimed film by the illustrious recording artist/director Neil Norman (who was there) unfolds the fantastic, gleeful, tale of The Seeds, a band credited with creating the idea of “Flower Power.”

The immortal Seeds albums have been released on sparkling new editions on GNP Crescendo/ACE records. This package has been touring the U.S. to rave reviews. The Seeds will live forever in rock history. 

Director and GNP Crescendo president Neil Norman will host an enlightening Q&A about the film and all aspects of the film, The Seeds and the entertainment business and Hollywood in general (where he grew up) after the screening. 

Additionally GNP Crescendo artist Michael Jahnz will perform an acoustic set from his classic album “Richrath” as well as selections from his upcoming album on GNP plus immortal REO Speedwagon hits from yesteryear which he performed internationally with original REO member Gary Richrath.

Adult general admission is $12, and student are $5. For more information, contact the Theatre at 906-932-0618 or ironwoodtheatre.net.


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