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Unique year-round — Lakeland Fitness and Golf coming soon to the Northwoods

October 04, 2019 by Kayla Houp

Earlier this year, the Woodruff Town Board approved a proposed fitness center to be built on Veteran’s Parkway, just behind the Woodruff post office and Northwoods Surgery Center. The center, Lakeland Fitness & Golf, is a two-story building, 24,000-square foot facility designed with the potential for expansion in the future.

“We bought everything down to the end of the road, so our goal is that this becomes kind of a sports destination thing,” president and co-founder John Weis said. “So, if somebody wants to set up a tennis facility, if somebody wants to do laser tag, if somebody wants to do paintball, our vision is let’s do this as the foundation piece, but if somebody wants to come in and do something, we have the land available to do that.” 

Construction on the indoor fitness and activity center began earlier in the summer with an anticipated opening by the start of 2020.

“You’ll see significant progress here in the next 30 days,” Weis said. According to Weis, the structure, along with panelling and trusses, should be completed by late October.

Within the next few weeks, Weis also plans on releasing more information regarding membership prices.

“It’s probably the number one question we’re getting is what do membership fees cost. We’re introducing a founder’s club for the first 250 members that join. There’s some special perks that they’ll get,” Weis said.

While the facility will have traditional equipment such as free weights, cardio and strength training equipment, and fitness classes, the facility also aims to incorporate unique opportunities for the Lakeland Area, such as a racquetball courts, golf simulators, and indoor walking/running track and wallyball, a game similar to volleyball played on the racquetball courts.

“I think the unique thing about this is that it’s really a destination for the Lakeland Northwoods area,” Weis said. 

According to Weis, the facility will house four golf simulators and two racquetball courts that can open the door for golf leagues, tournaments, special events, and more.

“I think the other thing that’s real unique is that it’s the only facility that has an indoor walking and running track,” Weis said.

The upper level floor plan will include the cardio equipment area, along with the group exercise space, walking tracks, as well as an open window so members upstairs can see into the racquetball courts.

The lower level will include the four golf simulators, strength training area, and racquetball courts. Also included in the lower level are locker rooms with showers, a consultation room, a vending area with healthy snacks, and a retail area.

For the golf simulators, Weis said his strategy was to use astroturf over carpet to maintain the look and feel of an actual golf course.

Weis said all the strength training equipment would be handicap accessible, and pieces of the equipment could be moved to accommodate a wheelchair.

“This is something we’re doing to give back to the community, to make a difference in the area,” Weis said. “We’ve had other businesses before, we’re not financing this through third parties. This is basically our ability to say, ‘Let’s add something to the Northwoods that makes it again, unique year-round.’”

Kayla Houp may be reached via email at [email protected]

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