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Vilas County board meets for reorganization

De Bruyne: ‘All 21 of us come from a whole different path of life’

April 28, 2020 by Brian Jopek

The Vilas County board met for an hour last week, the primary reason being its reorganization following the April election. 

Ron De Bruyne was re-elected by the rest of the board as chairman for another term and supervisor Jerry Burkett is the new first vice-chairman, replacing Steve Doyen. 

Doyen lost the only contested race out of the 21 seats up for election this year to Mary Rasmussen of Conover. 

There are four other new supervisors — Mike Biszak, Mike Cady, Pat Weber and Greg Robotti — who ran unopposed, Cady as a registered write-in and taking over for Erv Teichmiller. 

He was one of four supervisors, the others being Kim Simac, Todd Achterberg and Charles Rayala, Jr., who didn’t run for re-election. 

All 21 supervisors were present for the meeting, something Vilas County clerk Dave Alleman, conducting the meeting until the chairman was elected, made note of. 

“I think it’s a great testament to the dedication of this board that all 21 board members have come to this meeting during this difficult time,” he said. 

In his remarks, De Bruyne congratulated “each of us for winning the election.”

“You guys have won the election, you’ve taken the oath of office and you’ve elected your county board officers,” he said.

De Bruyne, on the county board since 1994 and first elected by supervisors as chairman in 2014 following a large turnover of the board, said he enjoys the county board. 

“What I most enjoy about the Vilas County board is the fact that all 21 of us come from a whole different path of life and here we are sitting here and we’re given a task to make a decision,” he said. “We bring that whole pool of knowledge with us as we make decisions and we do the county’s business.”

Brian Jopek may be reached via email at [email protected]

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