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Vilas County Public Property approves seeking bids for concrete remediation at justice center

July 30, 2019 by Abigail Bostwick

An expected $200,000 to $250,000 concrete remediation of the parking garage of the Vilas County Justice Center will move forward as the public property committee approved seeking bids by qualified contractors last Thursday. 

Samuels Group’s Kurt Berner informed the committee the work would take place on the lower level of the garage with some areas of the ramp. Parts of a retaining wall and some trusses are expected to be removed as well. 

Replacement is needed due to salt damage having eaten away at the concrete. 

The upgrade will allow for a sloped, drainable surface and include a coating or membrane over the top to help cut back on salt damage.

A call for bids will be published in local newspapers and a midwest publication. 

“I think what needs to be added yet are the traffic barricades,” Berner said. “The scope of work we’re asking to be done likely isn’t going to be by local contractors … it’s important we have contractors who have done this before.”

Committee member Walt Macig questioned how long the work was expected to last. 

“Based on what I’ve seen, probably about 20 years,” Berner said. 

Pressure-washing the surface post-winter also will prolog the life, he added. County aintenance director Russell Szutz noted the county does already perform that task on a regular basis. 

“It’s good to know it’s not an afterthought,” committee chair Ron DeBruyne said. 

Bid are expected to be received by Aug. 15. A pre-bid walk through tour for those interested in bidding is anticipated on or about Aug. 8. An extra meeting of the public property committee is expected after those meetings to finalize the actions so work can begin well before winter. 

Other news

In other business, the committee:

• Approved the Vilas County Courthouse Complex Evacuation Plan. 

Emergency management director Jim Galloway presented the document, which covers interior and exterior evacuation plans for employees at the Eagle River Courthouse. 

“This is a plan we’ve had on file for a number of years,” Galloway said, noting changes would be made after a public announcement system is established building-wide. 

In the event of interior evacuation, the plan calls for jail staff to stay where they are, for justice center persons to go to the garage there and courthouse personnel to report to conference rooms 1, 2 or 3. 

“Which is essentially the best storm shelter we have at this time,” Galloway observed. 

Should an exterior evacuation be needed, there are four areas outside for people to relocate to. In the event of poor weather, a memorandum of understanding is expected to be signed with the Walter Olson Public Library a few blocks away. 

“I will go over individual plans with individual departments,” Galloway said. “How to secure documents, cash and safely leave.”

Fire drills are expected to take place in coming months for staff — a practice disputed by some supervisors. 

“A fire is not going to wait until everyone is out of the building,” DeBruyne said of the need for practice drills. “It’s a real world situation, that’s what these are supposed to do, simulate.”

Further, the complex plan involves methods to follow in the event of response should a disturbance, lockdown or other incident were to occur. 

• Heard the information technology department preliminary budget for 2020 from director Mike Duening. 

For capital projects, Duening highlighted three “critical” matters — an internet equipment upgrade, Cloud backup and Cloud 4000 year replacement. That total comes in around $330,000. 


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