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What’s happening at Northwoods Wildlife Center

May 08, 2020

A female common goldeneye duck was misplaced on a roadway in Ashland and brought to Northwoods Wildlife Center in Minocqua. Her disorientation and injuries were likely caused by a vehicle impact to her left side. 

Initially, she was found with a light respiratory infection, swelling to the left side of her head and left eye. Fortunately, both her wings and legs sustained minimal injury. She has been in care at the Northwoods Wildlife Center since late February and has made considerable progress. She has progressed from critical tube-feeding, hydration, and medicinal support to being able to navigate her indoor enclosure and eat on her own. 

While her advancements have been monumental, she is still struggling to see out of her left eye. Rehabbers at NWC are currently assessing her ability to navigate new areas and fly. Should her injury prevent her from naturally functioning in the wild, NWC will seek out a permanent licensed facility where she can live a happy, long, and healthy life. 

Some fun facts about the common goldeneye duck include the behavior of females often laying their eggs in the nest of another female, or even in the nest of another duck species. These ducks readily nest in nest boxes as well as tree cavities, and goldeneye chicks leave the nest just one day after they hatch. 

Finally, listen for these flying ducks overhead as their wings make a distinct whistling sound, especially in cooler temperatures.

The Northwoods Wildlife Center is a 501C(3) non-profit center dedicated to wildlife education, rehabilitation, and research. NWC receives no government funding, and instead rely on the kindness of supporters and visitors to the area. During this COVID-19 crisis, it remains unclear when the doors of NWC will open again for on-site educational tours and in-person programming. The community can help NWC during this time by contributing monetary donations directly to the center via  www.northwoodswildlifecenter.org or by directly purchasing items off of the spring baby registry wishlist: https://www.


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