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What’s happening at Northwoods Wildlife Center

April 24, 2020

The Northwoods Wildlife Center (NWC) received a call about a grounded barred owl from the town of Glidden. Upon admission, this owl was found to be severely emaciated, lethargic, with a small abrasion to his left eye, but otherwise in good condition. 

This time of year, NWC admits several owls in similar emaciated states. Rehabbers at NWC think this is because it becomes highly difficult to locate prey as the winter drags on, and with several freeze-thaw cycles, this can take a toll on many individuals. 

The owl was placed on critical emaciation diet and tube fed for added hydration. After a week in care, he had gained enough weight to be offered a more natural diet of mice and chicks. Once he finishes his eye medication support and gained more weight, he will be transferred to one of the outside aviaries at NWC so his flight can be assessed. He is well on his way to freedom once again.

The Northwoods Wildlife Center is a 501C(3) non-profit center dedicated to wildlife education, rehabilitation, and research. NWC receives no government funding, and instead rely on the kindness of supporters and visitors to the area. During this COVID-19 crisis, it remains unclear when the doors of NWC will open again for on-site educational tours and in-person programming. The community can help NWC during this time by contributing monetary donations directly to the center via  www.

northwoodswildlifecenter.org or by directly purchasing items off of the spring baby registry wishlist: https://www.amazon.    com/baby-reg/


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