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A matter ‘long overdue’

April 21, 2020

To the Editor:

I started coming to the Minocqua, Woodruff, Arbor Vitae area in the 1960s. First it was weekends, then summer vacation, then it was entire summer and now we live here. Over that period of time there has always been one constant you could always count on. The price of gasoline compared to the rest of the state has always been outrageous. Originally I assumed the extreme price was designed to fleece the tourist and summer residents. I have since discovered that the people who live here all year long are treated just as badly by the gasoline vendors.

In the area we have several brands of gasoline being sold by different owners of these many locations. Yet they all charge the same high price for their product. As the former owner of a business, to me this smells of price fixing which is against the law. We have all heard their lame excuses why our gas prices are so high, but none of these excuses hold water under investigation. As an example, the little town of Sayner at their Mobile was selling gas for 4 cents less than our area this summer. Sayner is in the middle of nowhere. So the transportation excuse is just that.

I do no know who is responsible but some city, county or state authority should look into the matter as it is long overdue.

John Ross




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