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A personal thank you to the 911 operator and county police officers of Gogebic County, Mich. and Vilas County

September 13, 2019

To the Editor:

This afternoon (Aug. 31) my wife and I arrived at the airport in Ironwood from Minneapolis. A friend met us to drive us home to our residence in Boulder Junction. About half way between Marenisco and Presque Isle, my wife’s cell phone (in her purse) started making a weird sound. When she got it out of her purse she discovered it had dialed 911 all by itself. She promptly turned it off. In less than five minutes she received a call from the Gogebic County 911 operator. She explained what had happened, but was cut off as we went through a short distance of no cell service. Again, within five minutes, she received a call, but this time from the Gogebic County Sheriff’s Department. The officer asked her name and birth date (we are no spring chickens), where we were on the road, and where we were going. She answered we were heading south between Marenisco and Presque Isle and were going to our home in Boulder Junction and were fine.

We thought that was that. Ten minutes later she got another call, this time from the Vilas County Sheriff’s Dept., the officer calling asked most of the same questions, but also asked for our address. My wife gave him our address and again assured him we were fine.

Shortly later we arrived home and got everything unloaded including my exciting catch of halibut, salmon and rock fish in the freezer. I may have forgotten to mention we were returning from a wonderful trip to Alaska. We were sitting around the kitchen table sharing a few highlights of the trip with our friend when there was a knock at the door. I opened the door and there stood a young Vilas County Sheriff’s Deputy. I invited him in and shared the whole experience with him (as well as a couple of pictures of my fish). He said the whole thing was pretty standard procedure for them.

We were all flabbergasted and could not tell him enough how much we appreciated all they had done to make sure we were safe. My hat goes off and praise goes out to all involved!

Todd Gessner

Boulder Junction

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