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A sign of the times

April 21, 2020

To the Editor:

Dear Representative Swearingen, 

I’m not typically a Republican voter, but I feel you’ve represented our area well and honorably.

Today (April 7), an Election Day, I have to say I’m embarrassed for our state. With the onslaught of news about COVID-19, for us to put poll workers and voters in danger is an absolute joke, reported nationally.

I hope you consider supporting expansion of mail in balloting. As folks who travel fall and spring we are familiar with the process and use it frequently here in Hazelhurst, typically at the town office, and that includes this year as we were preparing to travel. That didn’t work out, we’re at home, but I would have thought twice today about voting in person.

I met a neighboring young couple today while walking and we had a safe conversation from the respective side of the road. In talking about the voting today they said they’d voted by mail, and liked it! They were able to research candidates and topics at home before making their decision, unlike the ballot booth where you sometimes have difficulty remembering who you were going to vote for before you walked in.

A sign of the times? A “new normal?” I’m sure there are considerations, problems, issues, but the idea of voting by mail, electronically or otherwise may be an idea whose time has come.

Stay safe, be happy, count your blessings.

Ken Schoville




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