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Absentee voting for upcoming elections

May 05, 2020

To the Editor:

I am concerned about the state of our democracy in Wisconsin. I worked as a town clerk for three years and the duty I held in the highest regard was maintaining the integrity of each election and ensuring the ability of every eligible town resident the right to vote. What occurred during the Tuesday, April 7 Spring Election was alarming that an individual who was unable to vote by absentee ballot was forced to stand in line during a global pandemic and “Safer at Home” order issued by the State in order to exercise her/his fundamental right as a citizen to cast a ballot. Luckily, I live in a smaller municipality, and I was able to receive and return an absentee ballot without incident. Milwaukee County had 180 polling locations reduced to five where voters had to wait in line two hours or more and try to ensure personal safety. 

Senator Tom Tiffany who is running for Congressional Seat District 7 on May 12, voted with his party to appeal to the WI Supreme Court and the U.S Supreme Court, to not postpone the April 7 Election or extend Absentee Voting. I remember in December 2018, weeks after the Mid-Term Election, I was working as town clerk. During that time, the GOP (including Tom Tiffany) considered passing legislation during the lame duck session to move the April 7, 2020, Presidential Primary election to March 2020. Many municipal clerks throughout the State were opposed because there were already elections scheduled Feb. 18, 2020, and April 7, 2020. Moving another election to March would have resulted in three elections overlapping which could have affected the integrity and security of those elections along with significantly increasing costs for municipalities. Thankfully, legislation did not pass. So, I find it troublesome that a health emergency does not convince many of those same legislators to put public safety first as a valid reason to change an election date. If Tom Tiffany cannot protect us in Wisconsin, what could happen if he is in Washington D.C.?

That is why I believe the status quo needs to change in our State and the May 12 Election is a very important election for our community. I do not believe that Tom Tiffany is concerned about our overall well-being within our community. He is supported by a lot of special interest money that I do not believe support the values and lives of our small town/rural communities. I do believe in candidate Tricia Zunker. She is a strong female candidate with real grass-roots support. She is a judge and Wausau School Board president, who believes in public health and safety, hunting and conservation rights, protecting and properly funding our public schools, supporting family farms and small business owners, and equal rights/opportunities for everyone. Please go to triciaforwisconsin.com to learn more about her and her message.

Since the May 12 election will not be postponed, and if you have not already voted by absentee ballot, please consider this option. Go to Myvote.wi.gov to request an absentee ballot or contact your local municipal clerk. If you do not have internet access and/or do not know your municipal clerk, contact your county clerk. Myvote.wi.gov will also provide other information regarding the voting process as well as contact information for your municipal clerk. If you experience any problem with voting, please contact the Election Protection Hotline 866-687-8683. Please also consider voting by absentee ballot for the Aug. 11, 2020, and Nov. 3, 2020, elections. Stay safe and be well!

Amy Zdroik


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