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Biden predictions

June 16, 2020

To the Editor:

Other than the White House becoming the fanciest memory care facility in the country, what can we expect from a Biden presidency? Here are 12 fairly safe predictions:

1. Hunter Biden will quickly become one of the richest men in the country.

2. Taxes will soar.

3. China’s economy will boom, as we return to the good old Obama days of exporting jobs.

4. Our economy will shrink and polls will show that is Trump’s fault.

5. The press will enter a four-year period of rapture.

6. Social media will ban any opinion critical of Biden.

7. Biden will reunite the old FBI gang of Comey, McCabe, and the love birds Strzok and Page in another effort to convict Trump of colluding with Russia.

8. Jill Biden will be named the official Biden spokeswoman and will actually speak for Joe at all live events. Joe will only appear via prerecorded messages.

9. The Biden’s will move the White House executive residence from the second floor to a more familiar and comfortable location, the basement.

10. Joe Biden’s State of the Union Addresses will be plagiarized from prior State of the Union Addresses.

11. Female White House staffers will spray their hair with deer repellant to minimize the risk of hair sniffing.

12. In 2021, Biden will be named Man of the Year by the Incoherent Speech Psychiatry Association.

Mark Miller




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